Beer Bottle Dimensions

The beer bottle sizes available are almost as varied as their flavors. The following are some of the dimensions these bottles come in.


Most short glass beer bottles are called stubby. The capacity is from 330 ml (11.6 imp fl oz; 11.2 U.S. fl oz) to 375 ml (13.2 imp fl oz; 12.7 U.S. fl oz). These bottles are flatter and smaller than the standard and have thick glass.

These bottles are popular because they are durable, light and take up less space. The stubby size is widely used in Europe but very little in the United States. The Darwin Stubby in Australia is 2 liters.

Other Bottles Used in Europe

The beer bottle sizes in the Netherlands have a capacity of 300 ml (10.6 imp fl oz; 10.1 U.S. fl oz). These are called the De Nederlandse Bierfles or pijpje (or little pipe).

During the late part of the 20th century in Britain, the breweries used the London Brewers’ Standard. The bottle glass is brown and has a conical neck. The most widely used sizes are pint (568 ml) and half pint (284 ml).

There are also quart (2 pint) and nip (1/3 pint) sizes available. The barley wines used the nips while the Midlands breweries the quarts.

However, other breweries employed their own designs. The Newcastle Brown Ale and Scottish both have a capacity of 500 ml. At the onset of the 21st century, most UK bottles started using the 500 ml size, but there a few others are still available.

Other Beer Bottle Sizes

The longneck is the ISB (industry standard bottle) in the US. In Canada, the longneck has a capacity of 341 ml. It took the place of the old stubby.

The old Canadian beer stubby was 341 ml (11.5 U.S. fl oz; 12.0 imp fl oz). In the United States the longneck is 355 ml (12.0 U.S. fl oz; 12.5 imp fl oz). In Australia, the longneck bottles have a capacity of 700-750 ml.

Larger Beer Bottles

The large beer bottles in the United States have a capacity of 22 U.S. fl oz (650.6 ml; 22.9 imp fl oz). These big bottles are known as bombers. In Europe, the large bottles are 750 ml (25 U.S. fl oz; 26 imp fl oz).

In South Africa this size is known as a quart. In the US, a forty refers to the 40 US fluid ounce / 1,182.9 ml; 41.6 imperial fluid ounce size. These are 3X bigger than the 355 ml standard.

The growler is a (1,890 ml / 66.5 imp fl oz) jug (a US half gallon). There are also one liter and one quart growlers available. These are widely available in breweries and pubs.

These sizes are also popular among home brewers. They are often used as substitutes for kegs. These bottles are constructed of glass. They usually have a hinged porcelain gasket cap.

The beer bottle sizes specified here are just some of the popular sizes available. There are very likely other sizes being developed.

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