Edger Dimensions

Edger dimensions are often measured by the edging blade and wheel size. There are edger models that have 8 inch, 9 inch and 10 inch blades. The wheel size varies, with 6 and 8 inches probably the most commonplace. Horsepower for motorized edgers differ, but 3.5 to 4 hp is about the average.

What Edger to Use?

Decide on the area that must be edged. Get the edger ready. If you are using an electric edger, plug it in. If the ledger runs on gas, make sure it has gas.

If the ledger is manually operated, make certain the blade is sharp. Dull blades will be difficult to move in and out of sod. To avoid problems, it is best to use stainless steel blades for manual edgers. They should also be resistant to weather and rust. The older edgers come with a disc blade. Some modern edgers do not have this feature.

Whatever the edger dimensions you use, make sure to pick the right end or blade. If you are going to edge a big area, it is better to buy an electric or gas edger. If the area is small or you can’t afford the motorized versions, there is always the manual edger. If the edger has interchangeable ends, pick the end that fits the area.

Tips on Using Edgers

If the edger is electric or gas, grab the handle to position the rotating blade end between the area and sod. You can walk backwards or forwards when edging. Select the direction that is the easiest for you. It is best if you proceed slowly.

If the edger is manual, put your foot on the foot pad as you hold the handle in an upright manner. Place your heel back a bit and step forward. Move the handle as you move. This is similar to walking in a forward manner.

This movement will set a slice in the ground between the sod and area that has to be edged. This movement will also cut grasses by the border.

After you make the slice, lift the edger while keeping your foot on the pad. Move the edger a blade length forward and repeat the steps. Just repeat the process and you should be finished with the edging quickly enough.

Whatever the edger dimensions are, the instructions mentioned above should work. Many electric and gas edgers have extra features, so read the user manual too.

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