How Big is a Juice Extractor?

Nowadays, people have become highly concerned about their health. As a recult, juicing climbed up the ladder of top healthy choices preferred by a lot of individuals. Extracting juices from fresh fruits and vegetables allow you to more valuable nutrients that will help you fight diseases, especially cancer, which is a worldwide health concern.

Oftentimes, you will find a household with a juice extractor or some homemakers trying to find a good one to purchase. What if it is your turn to look for a suitable unit that will serve your functions best? You have to read on for a useful guideline that will give you an idea about the best option.

Consider the Size

How big is a juice extractor that you will need for your home? It depends on how much juice you need and how often you will use it. If you are making a commitment to juice up, you have to find a durable option that is larger than the average size.

An average juice extractor is about 12 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter. That is ideal for personal use. If you want a smaller or bigger option, you can easily find one from aa helluva of choices available in the market today.

Some Tips on Juicing

As mentioned earlier and in many health articles that you may have read, juicing is a good way to achieve total well being. By taking in extracts from fresh produce, you are giving yourself a nice supply of antioxidants, which fight the free radicals that damage cells and tissues. To ensure that you obtain the most benefits, here are some tips:

* If you are juicing for better health, it is advisable that you take more of the veggie variants than the fruity ones. In fact, fruit juices may give you more harm than good when consumed in great amounts. Fruit juices contain fructose, which may raise insulin levels and even give you an increased risk of contracting heart disease. That’s why you should take vegetable juices and just throw in a small amount of fruits just to improve the taste.

* Even when you intake vegetable juices, you still have to eat a good amount of vegetables to supply your need for fiber, which is lost when you drink only the juice.

* Make sure that you are prepared for an added cost that juicing might bring in. Aside from the extra dollars you have to expend for your juicer, there is also the need to continuously replenish your supply of fresh produce because only a little juice can be extracted from a certain amount of veggies.

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