Bindings Dimensions


The snowboard bindings size is based upon the boot size of the rider. The sizes are small, medium and large. You know you’re wearing the right size if the boots are held snugly. 

Standard Sizes Used 

The manufacturers have different sizing systems, so each one will feel a little different from the others. However, many people use these basic guidelines: the small binding for men's size is 3-8 and for women's size it is 4-9. 

The medium binding is 8 to 10 for men and 9 to 11 for women. As for the large bindings size for men, it is 10 plus for men and 11 plus for women. There is no need to be worried if the straps don’t quite fit because these can be adjusted. The vital part is that your boots fit laterally inside in the heelcup. 


Simply put, the bindings are the elements that keep you on the snowboard, hence its importance. 

Types of Bindings 

There are two kinds available for soft boots, the rear entry and the two strap. The rear entry is also known as the Flow system. Regardless of the bindings size, the two strap remains the most widely used. The two straps have a toe strap and an ankle strap. 

These also have discs or plate that can be rotated. The disc is in the middle and fastens the binding. These also have a highback that can be adjusted. 

The rear entry bindings are just like the strap-ins, but your foot goes through to the rear. This will lock into place. There are also some soft and hard bindings. The soft ones are more suitable for beginners. 

They are also suitable for those who snowboard freestyle as they are flexible. The stiffer bindings, however, are more responsive to your movements. This makes them suitable for advanced riders. 

The two straps are preferred by many because they are widely available and can be adjusted easily. They range is also large. The rear entry has its own advantages including being easier to get in and out of. It is also the simplest binding for children to use. 

Another advantage is you can put it on when standing, so your back doesn’t have to get wet. Pressure is also more widespread, reducing chances of foot pain occurring. 

Take your time when choosing the bindings sizes. By choosing the right one, you will have a more enjoyable time snowboarding. 

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