Size of a Gym

The average size of a gym in the United States is 100 ft x 75 ft. But if you are going to design one in your home, you need to make use of the available space well. The following tips will help you set up your own gym.

Space Considerations

First of all, you must lay out the equipment carefully. Put the bigger equipment close to the walls. The smaller ones can be placed near the center of the room. The space required by gym equipment varies, but these figures should give you an idea.

Keep the following in mind as you try to determine the size of a gym.

A stationary bicycle needs about 10 sq. ft. The treadmill requires 30 sq ft and the ski machine 20 sq ft minimum. The rowing machine needs 20 to 25 sq ft. The stair climbers need a minimum of 10 sq ft and a single-station gym equipment about 30 sq ft. If you want to get a multi-station gym equipment, you will need at least 50 sq ft.

Choosing the Equipment

Besides the size, you will also have to think of your budget. The gym equipment doesn’t come cheap, so think about what you really need. Is that rowing machine really necessary?

Do you really need the stair stepper and the treadmill? One of the reasons why the size of a gym seems inadequate is because people stuff their gym room with equipment they don’t need or use.

Price and Quality

Good gym equipment is often expensive, and for a good reason; they last for years. Of course you should always try to look for discounts and sales whenever possible. But you must also realize that you often get what you pay for. If you have to pay a lot of money for good equipment, think of it as an investment.

Frequency of Use

The quality of the gym equipment becomes more important if many people are going to use the equipment. If several people are going to use it, you must take their preferences into account. This will also influence the dimensions of the room.

Entry and Ceiling

The height of the room must also be taken into consideration. A low ceiling will make it difficult to install equipment. The entryway is another problem. Even if the room is spacious, a small doorway will make it impossible to put large equipment in the room.

Small Rooms

You can probably put in a single large equipment in a small room. But it’s better to just stick with small equipment like mats, dumbbells and push up bars. Do not put the barbells on racks as they can easily fall.

If you are converting the basement to a gym, don’t put heavy equipment close to the stairs. Someone falling off the stairs could get injured.

Ultimately, only you can decide what the right size of a gym is. Even if you have limited space, properly setting up the equipment can make working out very comfortable.

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