Bike Jersey Sizes

Bike Jersey sizes are classified into two types: the single speed bikes and the 5 speed Gearxie bikes. The following information explains their other specifications.

Single Speed Bikes

The small frame measures 50 cm for people up to 168 cm (5’6”). The standover height is 74 cm. Their medium frame is 54 cm. The rider height is 168 cm (5’6”) to 183 cm (6’0”). The standover height is 76 cm. The largest one is 58 cm. The standover height is 78 cm and the rider height is 183 cm (6’0”) and above.

Speed Gearxie Bikes

The smallest one is 50 cm, while the rider height is up to 165 cm (5’5”). The medium frame is 54 cm with a rider height of 165 cm (5’5”) to 180 cm (5’11”). The largest one is 58 cm for 180 cm (5’11”) and above riders.

Finding the Right Size

This is absolutely necessary. An ill fitting frame is going to make it difficult to ride one of these bikes. The most practical way to find the right bike Jersey sizes is to visit a store and try the bike out. The sizes offered will fit most riders. But if you are somewhere in between, select the smaller frame. This is a good choice if you are new to biking. If you are a seasoned rider, the larger size will be no problem.


These bikes need a bit of assembly. Upon delivery each bike is 95% complete. It will take about ten minutes to put together at most. The first you have to do is place the handlebar on the stem. The next step is to position the seatpost. The seat height should then be adjusted as necessary.

The third step is fitting the pedals. You won’t have problems identifying them because they are marked L and R. You also have to take out the packaging off the frame. The chainguard, bell and F & R reflectors must also be installed.


Regardless of the bike Jersey sizes you choose, they are simple to maintain. A basic tool kit will suffice. Among the tools that you will need are a pump, tire levers, oil for the drive train and some rags for cleaning the drive train and chain.

You will also need a 10 mm wrench so you can modify the chain tensioners. A 15 mm open wrench for the pedals and rear wheel. 6 mm, 5 mm and 4 mm hex keys will also come in handy.

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