How Big is a Croquette Mallet?

The game of croquette involves hitting wooden or plastic balls through hoops with the use of a mallet. The croquette mallet is comprised of a handle (referred to as the shaft) adjoined to the mallet’s head, which has 2 parallel faces that have either rounded or squared beveled edges.

As to how big is a croquette mallet, a standard mallet generally weighs a total of 1.362 kilograms (3 pounds) has a shaft measuring 36 inches in length, and a head length of 9 to 11 inches. These are the typical measurements for croquette mallets that are available from manufacturers.

A croquette mallet’s weight has to be concentrated in its head. The shaft of the mallet must ideally be light in weight, as a heavy shaft does not serve a purpose. The mallet’s balance point, when the shaft is resting on a finger, should be approximately 3 to 10 inches away from the head. At present, it is considered advantageous for the head’s weight to be concentrated at its faces. Such a feature can be availed of from specialized croquette mallet manufacturers.

The edges and corners of a croquette mallet’s face should preferably have a bevel of 1/16 to 1/8 inches. If the mallet’s edges are sharp, there is the risk of them cutting the ball, or either cracking or flaking in the event of a mis-hit.

There are certain advantages to having a long croquette mallet head. For one, with the mallet head’s weight concentrated near its faces, it would keep the head from rotating about the shaft’s axis. Also, long mallet heads make it easy to do roll shots, although it makes playing stop shots slightly harder. In contrast, short mallet heads are much more suited for stop shots. Several top croquette players favor using mallet heads measuring a length of 12 inches.

A croquette mallet’s diameter or face area is usually between 2.25 to 2.5 square inches. Although a few expert croquette players prefer to use mallets with very narrow heads, it is not recommended for non-experts, as even the slightest bit of deviation can result in terrible mis-hits. Otherwise, a narrow mallet head could prevent one from getting hampered by a hoop or by another ball.

As previously stated, the shaft of a croquette mallet must be lightweight. The typical weight for a mallet shaft is around 398 grams (14 ounces). It is up to the croquette player what length and girth they desire their mallet shaft to be. Contrasting with many other sports, the game of croquette does not have a simple body measurement that relates to a particular shaft length. A croquette mallet shaft can either be very long or very short depending on the preference of the player and how a particular length affects their ability to play.

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