Aquarium Dimensions

When choosing the right aquarium for your aquatic pets you would have to consider getting the right aquarium dimensions. This would definitely include both the shape and the size of the aquarium you want to purchase or build. Part of the consideration should also include the amount of space you have for it. The ideal thing you will want to get is the largest possible aquarium to install in the limited space you want to allocate.

Considering the Size

The ideal thing you should want to do is to get the largest possible tank for your allocated space. In conjunctionaquarium with this concern you would also want to consider the budgetary ramifications of your desired aquarium dimensions. In proportion to the size of your tank is the amount of water volume that it can hold. The general rule is that the larger your tank the easier it is to maintain.

With greater water volume in your aquarium, the easier it is to maintain water quality and temperature. This does not mean that you should avoid getting modest sized tanks. All aquariums will require a certain degree of attention and care from its owners. Even a tank of 10 gallons can provide a healthy environment for aquatic animals as long as it is well cared for. The only difference is that the larger aquarium will require less time and care than aquariums that are smaller.

Standard Aquarium Dimensions

With the amount of space you have available you would then match the size of your desired tank. Here are some of the standard aquarium dimensions according to water volume and shape.

Standard Rectangular Aquariums/Tanks: A mini tank can contain about 2.5 gallons of water and will have a length of 12 inches by six inch width and eight inch height. A 5.5 gallon tank will have dimensions of 12" by 8" by 10". A modest 10 gallon tank is at 20" by 10" by 12". A 20 high gallon tank will be 24" by 12" by 16". If you want a long one you would have to get a 30" by 12" by 12" tank. An example of a 30 gallon breeder will be 36" by 18" by 12".

Bowfront and Corner Tanks: Here are the aquarium dimensions for bowfront tanks. A 26 gallon one will have dimensions of 24" by 15" by 21". A 36 gallon one will have 30" by 15" by 21" dimensions. A large 90 gallon tank will have 48" by 18" by 29" dimensions. However, a 54 gallon corner tank will have 38" by 27" by 22" dimensions.

Hexagon Tanks: Here are the aquarium dimensions for standard hexagon tanks. A 10 gallon tank will be at 14" by 12" by 18". A 20 gallon one is at 18" by 16" by 20". However, a 23 gallon flat back will have 24" by 12" by 14" dimensions.

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