Biggest Bass Ever Caught

The biggest bass ever caught weighed 22 lbs 4 ounces. It was captured by George Washington Perry in 1932.

The Largest Bass Ever?

Perry’s catch still holds the record, but there are reports of larger bass being seen or captured. The largest reportedly captured was in 2006. Mac Weakley caught the giant bass in Dixon Lake in Escondido.

The bass was said to have weighed 25 lbs and 1 ounce. That is equal to 11.4 kilos. A picture of the fish was taken. However, Weakley decided not to pursue the world record for several reasons.

Number one, a certified weighing scale was not used. Second, girth and length measurements were not obtained. Third, the fish was accidentally foul-hooked. The fish was released, so it is impossible to determine if it was the biggest bass ever caught.

Facts about the Bass Fish

The name bass is applied to several types of perciform fish. It is frequently used as a sport fish, but it may also be eaten. The fish has a bony structure and is somewhat akin to the perch. Most of them have spines on the fins.

Bass are usually freshwater fish, but some can be found in salt water too. Their preferences differ; some like temperate waters, while others opt for warmer waters. They are very popular as sporting fish because they struggle against anglers. This makes fishing more exciting.

Temperate Bass

The moronidae are temperate bass species. Most of them can be located in estuaries and rivers. The most well known is the striped bass. The striped bass is highly regarded as a sport fish.

The fish is known for having spines at the back of the grills. It also has a back fin or forked caudal. Temperate bass are 70 inches (180 centimeters) long.

The fish is migratory, often journeying long distances. Spawning takes place during spring. Their diet consists of crustaceans, shrimp and other small fish. There are also commercially farmed bass. Farmed stocks are often used to replenish waterways.

Centrarchidae Bass

These are warm water bass species. They are known by a variety of names including bream, perch and sunfish. These are found along the seams and rivers off the eastern US coasts. They are known for their spines and fins.

Officially, Perry’s record is still the biggest bass ever caught. But Weakley’s bass shows that there are many more large fish waiting to be captured.

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