How Big are Pubic Lice?

Pubic lice, crabs or what are scientifically known as Pthirus Pubis; are a type of louse that infests the genital area of humans. These can lead to serious health conditions if left untreated.

They attach themselves to the pubic hair but they may also be found in the eyelashes or other coarse hairs in the body. Since these are very small in size, it may not be very easy to detect them on the onset of the infestation.

This being said, one should watch out for the symptoms and take a close examination of the pubic area in order to detect if there is already an infestation of the lice.

How Big are Pubic Lice?

The adult pubic louse is almost the size of the head of a sesame seed. The nits are smaller in size and are harder to detect. They are approximately 0.8 millimeters x 0.3 millimeters, oval-shaped and have a sort of yellowish white color.

They are firmly attached to the strands of the hair. Once the nits have hatched, they have a size similar to that of mature head lice. The adult pubic lice meanwhile look like small crabs and have a grey-white color.

Detecting Pubic Lice Infestation

As mentioned, it may not be very easy to detect pubic lice infestation at the onset since the eggs are very small. It is therefore important to recognize the symptoms of this lice infestation.

Persistent itching in the pubic area is one telling sign of pubic lice infestation. Upon close examination, if you notice nits as described above or lice crawling in the pubic area, there already is an infestation.

How Do You Get Pubic Lice?

In adults, pubic lice may be passed on through sexual contact with an infected person.

Sharing clothing items with an infected person may also result in getting pubic lice. Likewise, sharing a bed with someone who has pubic lice can also result in being infected as well.

Sometimes using a toilet seat that was previously used by an infected person may also get one infected with pubic lice.
Treating Pubic Lice

Since this is a sensitive matter, people who are infected may not want to seek medical consultation because of shame or embarrassment. There are lotions or mousse that you can find in drugstores specifically for the treatment of pubic lice.

These are sold without need for prescription so you don’t have to seek medical consultation first before you can get any of these lice treatment products.

It is however very important that instructions on proper application be followed to a T in order for the treatment to have its full effect on the lice and get rid of them altogether.

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