What is the Size of an Automatic Fish Feeder?

Sometimes, busy schedules make one forget essential things – things that may have been part of your routine but with a lot on your mind, you neglect to do them on occasion; such as feeding your fish.

This is where an automatic fish feeder comes into play. With a gadget such as this, you no longer need to worry about whether or not you remembered to feed the fish before you left the house for work.

This handy device is also great if you are going on vacation and no one will be left to fish-sit for you.

What is the Size of an Automatic Fish Feeder?

When looking at automatic aquarium fish feeder sizes, one of the options that you will find is a choice between a single feeder and a dual feeder.

Single feeders are basically equipped to release one type of fish food into the aquarium while a dual feeder can release two kinds of fish food, either at the same time or at intervals.

So for the purpose of giving you and idea of how each type varies in size, below are examples of specifications for both the single feeder and the dual feeder.

Single Feeders

An automatic fish feeder that has a single food dispenser may come in a variety of sizes but usually, the most common sizes are suitable for any shape, size and type of aquarium.

You may find a size with specifications of the following: 3 inches in width by 3 inches in height by 5.25 inches in length.

There is also a much more compact single-dispenser automatic fish feeder and this one comes in measurements of about an inch in height by 5 inches in length by 4 and eleven-sixteenths in width.

Dual Feeders

An automatic fish feeder with two food dispensers enables you to feed your fishes with a variety of fish food.

Having two food dispensers, this is therefore relatively bigger than the single-dispenser type. Usually, this type of automatic fish feeder measures around 10 inches in height by 8 inches in width by 10 inches in length.

For this size, each food chamber can accommodate up to a maximum of 2.65 ounces of food.

Using an Automatic Fish Feeder

This type of fish feeder has several options for programming its functions. For instance, you can set the feeder to release food three times per day at intervals of your choice.

You can also determine the amount of food to be released so there is no risk of the feeder releasing too much or too little food which can result in either overfeeding or underfeeding your fishes.

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