5 String Violin Dimensions

5 string violin dimensions usually have a body length of 14.5 inches and 130 mm stop length. The neck is 25 mm wide by its nut.


These instruments are usually not the ones used in concerts and performances. Often, these are used by Celtic players as well as bluegrass, rock and jazz musicians. Compared to other violins, the 5 string is known for its broad tonal palette. Since there is no limit tradition–wise, different kinds of wood can be used for playing it. For example, some woods for guitars can be applied on this type of violin.

More about Sizes

Lengthwise five string tupes are very similar to the 4 string (14 inches or just a bit more). But there are models which are smaller or bigger than the standard sizes. There is usually more variation in the width than length. Five string types can be 8.3 inches at the bottom, 4.4 inches in the center and 6.8 inches at the top.


Manufacturers typically base their designs on classical violins but with some innovations. Some of these products will have slightly larger bodies and ribs. This will generate richer tones. There are violins which just take a 4 string violin and add a 5th string.

Higher quality models redesign the violin to accommodate the extra string. This also helps generate a more rounded sound. For this reason, 5 string violin dimensions are slightly bigger than the average 4/4. The viola however, remains larger. Several models use the traditional violin neck size and scale length.

Difference from a 4 String Violin

The most obvious is the five string has more strings. However, the addition of that extra string has an effect on the other areas of the instrument. The five string bridge, corresponding slots in the nut and number of tuning heads differ from the standard 4/4.

There are also some differences in tuning. Tuning for 4 string violins are from G, D, A and E (top to bottom). Viola tuning is C, G, D and A. The fifth string on the violin is set to C. The C string is lower compared to the G in other violins. Because of the additional string, the violin has a thorough tonal range.

In the end, it is not so much the 5 string violin dimensions that matter but the sound they produce. These violins are ideal for those who want the viola’s tonal range but without the extra scale or length.

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