Wristwatch Dimensions

Wristwatch dimensions come in a variety to serve differentWristwatch Dimensions wrist requirements. There are even wristwatch sizes possible with only one unit. Below are common wristwatch dimensions, types, and some features.

Common Wristwatch Sizes

The usual wristwatch width is from 2 to 2.5 cm. There are slimmer straps of metal, leatherette, plastic, or rubberized plastic. The length varies. The common circumference is 20 cm. or longer. Some wristwatch dimensions are modifiable through pin adjustments. Some metal straps have imbedded rubberized locks that automatically adjust with any wrist size. This makes possible a one-size-fits-all (OSFA) watch strap.

Extra Thick Straps

Extra thick straps have thickness from 3 to 4 cm. Most diver’s or sports watches are of this type. The extra thickness secures the wristwatch especially during harsh physical activities. Wristwatch dimensions are not only for design but for durability.

Extra Thin Straps

Extra thin straps are mostly for women’s wristwatches for a feminine and elegant look. Some men’s watches are also a bit slim for simplicity and a light-weight feeling. The slimness may go from half a centimeter to 1 cm. Slim wristwatch sizes are also good for making costly wristwatches less conspicuous.

Straps with Watch and MP4

Other wristwatches have ultra modern features. Aside from having a calculator, calendar, a stop watch, and an alarm, they have MP4 for accessing the Internet anytime. The wristwatch dimensions are interesting. They include provisions for the dimensions of a full-color video screen—which is about 1.5 inches. Add to this a space for a 2 GB digital flash memory. This accessory is also usable as USB data storage. Its 12mm OSFA strap thickness can fit all wristwatch sizes.

A wristwatch with a digital camera is to be released in the market soon. No additional wristwatch dimensions are needed because it could be easily switched from MP4 to camera mode by a mere press of a button.

Straps with a Watch, MP4, and Mobile Phone

The wristwatch dimensions for this special ultra modern watch accessory are 61 by 40 by 16 mm. The mobile phone model is GSM M810. Other tri-band types have different wristwatch sizes like 250-mm long strap that includes a 50 by 17 by 45 mm watch screen. The overall measurement is 53.6 by 25.5 by 23.6 mm. and weighing 80 grams.

Other features of this wristwatch and mobile phone are as follows: touch-screen operation, more than 250,000 screen colors, 128 by 160 resolution, bluetooth, headset, multi-media features, photo and video (128 by 160 and 128 by 104 respectively), and in 8 languages.

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