Worlds Biggest Gemstone

Below are the biggest gemstones in the world. It should be stressed that mining and jewelry creation is constant, so newer and larger gems could appear anytime.

The Biggest Gold Nugget

It is known as the Hand of Faith and weighs 62 pounds. The gem was uncovered in 1980 in Australia. It was dug up less than 7 inches from the surface. The nugget is in the possession of the Golden Nugget Casino. They bought it for a million dollars.    

The Biggest Diamond

It is the Golden Jubilee, which has over 545 carats. The diamond was unearthed in 1985 at South Africa. Originally weighing 755 carats it was cut to its present form after its discovery. The Golden Jubilee is now part of the jewelry collection of the King of Thailand. The largest rough diamond ever found was the Cullinan Diamond at over 3,000 carats.

The Biggest Pearl

It is called the Pearl of Allah or the Pearl of Lao Tzu. It is around 31,893.5 carats and weighs 14 lbs. It is 8.4 inches in diameter. The shape resembles a head with a turban. The pearl was removed from a clam off the Palawan coast in the Philippines in 1934.

The pearl was given as a gift to American Wilburn Cobb, who performed medical work in the village where the pearl was kept. The pearl is worth $60 million dollars. It is presently owned by the Pearl for Peace foundation.

The Biggest Ruby

Always included in the list of the biggest gemstones in the world is the 8.2 lb ruby owned by the 125West Company. It is the largest known ruby, with 18,696 carats. The biggest cut ruby is the Greenland Ruby at 302 carats. The Greenland Ruby is worth $500,000.

The Biggest Sapphire

It is the 61, 500 carat Millennium Sapphire. The stone was discovered in Madagascar sometime in 1995. The estimated value is from $90 to $500 million. The 2001 Guinness Book of Records states it is the biggest curved sapphire on the planet.

Biggest Emerald

The Gachala Emerald has a weight of 858 carats. It was found in the Vega de San Juan mine at Columbia. It is currently in the Smithsonian Institution in the US.

While these are the biggest gemstones in the world, they all pale to the biggest diamond in the universe. Found in the Centaurus constellation 50 light years away, it is 4,000 km across. It is 10 billion trillion carats.

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