What is the size of Georgia?

The total area size of Georgia is 59,425 sq m (equal to 153,909 sq km). GeorgiaIt is 298 miles (480 km) in length and 230 miles (370 km) wide.

Geographical Information

2.6% of Georgia’s area is water. The latitude is 34.985 degrees N with a longitude of 85.605 degrees W. Georgia’s highest point is Brasstown Bald at 4,784 ft (equivalent to 1,458 m). The lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean at 0 ft (0 m). The mean is 591 ft (180 m).

Its dimensions make Georgia the biggest state east of the Mississippi River (by land area). If water area is included the size of Georgia makes it the fourth biggest after Michigan, Florida and Wisconsin.

Population Size

Georgia’s population as of 2007 was 9,544,750. It was up by 180,809 from the previous year. The historical population growth of the city is as follows.

During 1790, the population figure was 82,548. In 1810 the population had reached 251,407 and 20 years later in 1830 had reached 516,823. By 1860 the figure had breached the 1 million mark (1,057,286). In 1880 the population size was 1,542,181; in 1900 the figure was 2,216,331.

During the 1920s, Georgia’s population was 2,895,832; by the 1940s it had reached 3,123,723. In 1950 it increased to 3,444,578, and in 1960 had gone up to 3,943,116. The 1980s saw the size of Georgia’s population reach 5,463,105. By 1990 the figure was put in at 6,478,216; in 2000 it was 8,186,453.


The demographics of Georgia (as of 2000) shows 68.34% are white, 29.38% black and 0.66% American Indian / Alaskan Indian. 2.48% are Asian and 0.12% native Hawaiian. 7% are Latino. 90% of the population speaks only English.

5% can speak Spanish. 0.9% can speak French, 0.8% can talk in German and 0.6% can speak in Vietnamese. 2004 statistics indicate 8% of its population is below 5 years of age. 27% are below 18, and 8.5% over 65 years of age. 50% of the population are females, 30% of these are African Americans.

African American Population Size

Prior to the Civil War, almost half the size of Georgia’s population were comprised of African Americans. Even to this day, African Americans make up the bulk of the population in rural counties.

In terms of African American population percentage, Georgia is the third highest. It is next only to Mississippi and Louisiana. From 2006 to 2007, the state had a black population growth of 84,000, the largest in the US.


The weather in the state is characterized as humid subtropical. The summers are very hot, with the highest temperature reaching 112 F (44 C). The lowest is -17 F (-27.2 C). In terms of precipitation, it can range from 45 inches to 75 inches. The hot summers are marked by occasional thunderstorms during the afternoons.

Finally, the size of Georgia’s human population is matched by the diversity of its fauna and flora. There are 250 tree species, 58 plant types and 80 types of reptiles. There are also several types of fish and bird variants in the state.

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