How Deep is the Titanic Wreck?

One of the historical passenger liners, the Titanic was Titanic Wreckconstructed by British company White Star Line from 1909 to 1911. The liner was laid down on March 13, 1909 and it was introduced to the public on May 31, 1911. The maiden voyage started on April 10, 1912. The liner sank when an iceberg was hit on April 15, 1912. The maritime disaster resulted in 1,517 deaths. Before we proceed with other interesting facts about the ship, it is best to start learning the depth of the Titanic wreck.

The Depth of the Titanic Wreck

How deep is the Titanic wreck? Marine geologist Robert Ballard discovered the wreck in 1985. The wreck has a depth of 13,000 feet. The search for the wreck started in the last days of July 1985 and Ballard used the Knorr submarine to find the remains.

One of the possible reasons why the disaster resulted to the deaths of numerous passengers is that the lifeboats aboard are not enough to hold the passengers of Titanic. The capacity of the boats is 1,178 people but Titanic’s maximum capacity is 3,547. The number of men who died in the tragedy is more than women and children because of the “women and children first” policy implemented by the staffs of the ship.

Some ships responded to the international disaster call sent out by the ship’s wireless operators Harold Bride and Jack Philips. The ships include Carpathia, Mount Temple, Olympic and Frankfurt. The first lifeboat was launched on the side of the starboard and carried 28 people aboard.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Titanic has top-of-the-line features like an on-board swimming pool, a squash court, a gymnasium, a Turkish bath, libraries as well as the Verandah Café. The rooms were divided into three divisions, namely the first class rooms, the second class rooms and the third class rooms. In the first and class divisions, there are barber shops and dining places such as the Café Parisien.

The first class division has three elevators and the second class division has one elevator. The other advanced features of the ship include the electrical subsystem with generators powered by steam, Marconi radios and electric lights.

For the initial voyage, the ship has a total of 20 lifeboat with different capacities. Lifeboats 1 and 2 can hold a total of 40 people each while Lifeboats 3 to 16 has the capacity of 65 individuals each. Finally, Lifeboats A, B, C and D can carry 47 people each.

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