Size of Yale University

The third oldest tertiary school in the United States, the Yale University is one of the Yale UniversityIvy League members, which was established in 1701. The school was established when the Colony of Connecticut General Court passed a law about the formation of an institution that would teach ministers in the state. The assets of this educational institution include an endowment amounting to $16.3 billion. With the aim of teaching students to become competitive professionals in the future, the university competes with Harvard University in athletics and academics. In order to know more about this educational institution, let us start with the size of Yale University.

Yale University’s Size

What is the size of Yale University? The size of the educational institution can be determined in terms of the total population of staff and students. The size can also be determined by looking at the area occupied the school campus.

Located at New Haven in Connecticut, the campus occupies 837 acres or 339 hectares of land. This includes the area occupied by the Yale Golf Course, which is 500 acres. The central campus, which can be found at downtown New Haven occupies 260 acres. The school is popular for several iconic structures such as the Yale Art Gallery and Center for British Art, Pail Rudolph’s Art and Architecture Building, Morse Colleges as well as the Ingalls Rink and Ezra Stiles.

Most of the buildings within the premises of the university were constructed between 1917 to 1931. The architecture of the structures is similar with the buildings that were constructed during the Middle Ages. The other notable structures within the university include the Harkness Tower, the Yale Memorial Carillon, the Phelps Hall, the Saint Anthony Hall and the Connecticut Hall.

Another way of determining the university size is by looking at the population of faculty members and students. The estimated number of faculty members in the institution is 3,619. The total population of undergraduate students is 5,316 while the postgraduate student population is 12,495.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Yale University has two major divisions, namely the Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The institution is divided into 11 colleges, which include the Institute of Sacred Music, the School of Architecture, the School of Engineering and Applied Science as well as the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. The other special programs offered by the school are the Summer Session and the World Fellows Program. These programs are helpful to students who want to be admitted in the institution.

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