Smallest Mountain

It is not easy to determine the smallest mountain in the world. The difficulty lies in the fact that there is no universal agreement as to when a landform stops being a hill and into a mountain. Some researchers say 600 m (1980 ft) is the minimum acceptable height for a mountain. But this is only an arbitrary number.

Mt. Wycheproof

The most frequently mentioned is Mt.Wycheproof in Victoria, Australia. This landform is 47 m high over the plains. On its slopes rests the town of Wycheproof. The landform is made of granite. On the east side is a quarry.

However, some claim that Mt. Wycheproof is not really a mountain. At its height, it should really be a hill. Again, this is based on the notion that 600 m is the minimum height for a mountain. The name Wycheproof is Aboriginal in origin. The name itself means “grass on a hill”.

The Maldives

The 600 m / 2000 ft minimum height definition is not universal. In Scotland, a landform has to be at least 3000 ft high to be classified as mountain. Relatively speaking, the smallest would be the Maldives. It is only 2.3 m (over 7 ft) above sea level.

The Sutter Buttes

The smallest mountain range in the world is Sutter Buttes. It is a complex of made up of volcanic lava domes. It is located in California’s Central Valley in the US.

Sutter Buttes' highest peak is 2,130 feet (650 m) over the sea level. It is just on the outskirts of Yuba City, California. The area is named after John Sutter. The range is situated 10 miles (16 km) east to west and north to south.

Natural History of Sutter Buttes

The complex was formed more than 1.5 million years ago by a volcano. There is some evidence indicating it signifies the Cascade Volcanoes’ southernmost part. However, the evidence is not yet conclusive.

Much of the area’s origin is still subject to research. Different types of fauna and flora can be found in Sutter Buttes. Calochortus luteus, Yellow Mariposa Lily and other wildflowers can be found in the area. The land is also the subject of various myths and stories of the indigenous peoples that live in the area.

The question as to what the smallest mountain in the world is still being debated. Until a universal definition is accepted, the question will prove difficult to answer.

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