What is the Biggest Jewelry Store?

Thailand and jewelry go very well together. If you talk about traveling to Thailand, buying jewelry, any kind at that, would always be in topic. If you talk about jewelry, you will surely mention Thailand as one of the best places in the world to buy one. True enough, you cannot separate jewelry from Thailand and vice versa.

So, what is the biggest jewelry store? It is definitely located in Thailand. Interestingly, it has the words: “World’s Biggest Jewelry Store” etched in front of the store. Boy, it is pretty big, if not the biggest.

The World’s Biggest

Located in Chang Mai, Thailand, World’s Biggest Jewelry Store has thousands and thousands of precious stones and every jeweled accessory you can imagine on display – earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, brooches, etc. Upon entering, heaps of sales people will flock to you, convincing you to take something with you. As there are lots of precious choices, it is not quite difficult to give in.

Aside from the mind-boggling display of jewelries on sale, the store also boasts of a showroom where carving of jade statues is featured. It also shows how the stones like ruby are set to make posh jewelry pieces so you become doubly impressed and interested to this luxury.

But the World’s Biggest Jewelry store is not the only ‘big’ jewelry store in Thailand. They are all over the country. You will find lots of great buys at every other mall, market, or stall in most cities. Thailand is a popular destination for jewelry hunters. It has a rich display of the most alluring accessories but does not charge as much as the Western countries.

One of the other popular places to buy jewelry in Thailand is the MBK mall, which is located next to the National Stadium sky train station. It is know for its widest selection at the cheapest prices. Bangkok’s Chinatown is also a favorite place among jewelry lovers. If you are an avid fan of gold, this is the place for you as it is flooded with gold shops and with the word flooded, we mean ‘flooded’.

There are lots of other great places in Thailand to buy jewelry. You will surely never run out of choices. Running out of cash for spending, you probably will because when visiting Thailand, buying jewelry is always part of the itinerary. It would be mortal sin not to bring home at least one piece of jewelry from a selection of many.

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