What is the Size of a Wireless Door Chime?

No matter where you live – in a condominium unit, an apartment, a mansion – you will surely find a need for a door chime or doorbell. It would be much convenient for anyone outside to call out if you have a chime.

Like many other things in this high tech world of ours, door chimes have evolved. They are no longer just the conventional ‘ding-dong, ding-dong’ chimes. Now, it can be customized, according to whatever sound you prefer. Some people like music to play around their homes whenever a visitor pushes the doorbell button. Others would love a sound appropriate for the season. During Halloween, a lot of households would install a creepy sound, not to scare you out but to entertain you.

It is not only the sound of the chimes that was changed but its total package as well. Nowadays, you can dress up your door chimes in a stylish manner to fit into your design taste. There are countless doorbell covers or doorbell designs that you can have installed at your doorstep so it adds to the appeal of your home décor.

Door chimes and doorbells are available in many different kinds with amazing features that will suit every one’s liking.

There is the video doorbell, where a surveillance camera is installed along with the chime. So you just don’t know that there is someone outside, you actually get to see who is outside even before you answer the door. There is also the intercom doorbell with which you can speak to your visitor before he gets inside your property. There is also the wireless door chime, which makes it easier for people to hear whenever a visitor push the button anywhere they may be in the house; It also sans the need for a cable.

The Size of a Wireless Door Chime

Door chimes and doorbells are available in many different sizes. But they are mostly in a portable size that will not need to take up a good portion of your front door or front gate space.

Aside from considering the size, you also have to mind how functional your wireless door chime is. On the technical aspect, you have to note how far the sound of your chime could reach. Some units can transmit up to 300 feet of open air. Some are rated at 450 feet and works well even when you are outdoors. Wireless door chimes are also available with multiple buttons, chime tunes, and other features.

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