Trumpet Sizes


Trumpet sizes differ but many of them are about 9 to 10 inches long. But if you are going to buy a trumpet, you must realize that there is more to it than just the length. 

Types of Trumpets 

There are various types, and many manufacturers are always coming up with their own unique creations. But the most common is the Bb trumpet. This trumpet is the one used by most students. It is also the one used by ensembles, bands and players in jazz and rock concerts. 

Other types that are available are the piccolo trumpet, Eb trumpet, D trumpet and C trumpet. The trumpet sizes differ mainly in the tubing. The smaller the tubing, the higher the pitch is going to be. 

B Flat Trumpets 

The B flat trumpets are the most widely used. The average model will have key ranges from F sharp to lower than middle C up to numerous octaves higher. The mouthpiece is typically constructed from brass. It has silver plated keys and nickel plated valves. 

Soprano Trumpets

This trumpet is set to G. These are comprised of rotary and piston valves. These are typically available in the large and extra large sizes. 

Piccolo Trumpets

These are the smallest trumpet sizes available. The tubing is half of the B flat’s length. These trumpets play the A and B flat keys. The bell is 3.5 inches in diameter. The diameter bore varies from 0.401 to 0.417 inches. They have four valves. When played high, the sound produced is tight. 

Slide Trumpets

These are noted for having slides rather than valves. They are somewhat like the B flat trumpet and also similar to the soprano trombone. The diameter bores are 0.452 inches and the diameter bells 4.72 inches. 

Bass Trumpets 

The bass trumpet’s is a lot like those on the trombone. The diameter bore measures 0.484 inches and the diameter bell is 7 inches. These trumpets are used by the trombonists. 

Pocket Trumpets 

These are the small variants of the B flat trumpets. It is comprised of a wound tubing and a bell. These trumpets are noted for their warm sound. 

Student, Intermediate and Professional Trumpets 

Manufacturers often make trumpets in student, intermediate and professional models. The student trumpets are best suited for people just learning how to play the instrument. 

These instruments are built for ease of use. While they don’t have the quality or features of intermediate and professional models, they are sufficient for beginners. 

The intermediate trumpet is for those who have mastered the student trumpets. These intermediate trumpets have slide rings, valve hooks and other features. The professional trumpets of course, are built to meet the demands of professional players. There are many types of professional trumpets and they have different features and sizes. 

While the trumpet sizes are varied, there’s no reason to get confused. For new players, the student trumpets will be enough. When you can play with it, you can now move on to the other sizes and types. 

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