Lcd Tv Sizes

The LCD TV size is measured in inches. For the best results, the viewing distance must be assessed too. The following shows the most common screen sizes and the ideal viewing distance.

Screen Size and LCD TV Viewing Distance

For a 35 inch screen, the suitable viewing distance is 6.5 ft. For a 42 inch screen, it is 7.5 ft, while for the 50 inch screen it is 8.5 ft. The recommended viewing distance for a 60 inch screen is 10.5 ft. For a 65 inch TV, the viewing distance is 11.5 ft, while for the 72 inch TV it is 13 ft.

Other Considerations

Choose the size based on the room’s configuration, particularly the sitting distance. No matter what the LCD TV size is, you will see small dots if you watch too closely. That’s the reason why viewing distance is very important.

If you have one of the smaller TVs (27 to 20 inches), the distance can be between 2.5 to 5 feet. For some people, a TV screen measuring 32 to 37 inches is best viewed about 7 feet away. While 7.5 feet is the common distance for a 32 inch LCD TV, others prefer 10 feet or farther.

Image Resolution

If you want the highest quality, go for the 1080p resolution. This will give you high definition TV and crystal clear pictures. When choosing LCD TV sizes, a simple rule to remember is this: the more pixels on the screen, the clearer the image will be. There are some 720p models still available.

Although they are HD ready, the quality cannot be compared with those of a 1080p TV.

Reminders for Buyers of Large TVs

Although 60 inch+ TVs can be mounted, it can be difficult since they are so big. It is much better to set them on a TV stand. Fortunately this should not be a problem because these large sets often come with their own stand. If not, you can always buy one. Just make sure that it is big enough to hold the TV.

You must also consider where the TV will be placed. The 40 and 50 inch TVs are ideal for the living rooms. These units may be too big for standard sized bedrooms. When setting up the TV, take into account how far it will be from the couch.

If you are getting a 1080p TV, make sure it isn’t too far from the seats. Otherwise, the additional details will not be visible. Also remember that the 1080p resolution works best with a large TV.

If the TV is 32 inches or less, you won’t see any difference between the 720 and 1080p. The 1080p resolution is best not just for large TVs but for watching DVDs. While they are more expensive, the difference in quality will be evident.

The bottom line is that when it comes to LCD TV size, the screen dimensions and the viewing distance must be considered together. By taking these two elements into account, you will be able to get the most out of your TV.

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