Trailer Axle Dimensions

Knowing the trailer axle dimensions and how to measure them is necessary so you can get the appropriate one. Although there are different types of axles, the measuring process is essentially the same.

Required Tools and Materials

Lug wrench
Measuring tape

Step 1

Jack the trailer up and take off the tires.

Step 2

Ask your helper to hold the measuring tape to the hub front. This would be the area where the wheel is set against. Measure the distance from one hub face to the other. The figure you get is the track width.

Step 3

To get the other trailer axle dimensions, ask your assistant to put the measuring tape at the middle of one of the spring mounting pads. Look at the figure at the middle line of the other pad. This will be the spring distance. The spring distance and track width measurements are needed if you’re going to purchase new trailers.

Step 4

Take the measurement from the spindle center line to the middle line of the axle tube. This is how you get the axle drop. While you’re at it, check the position of the spring pad below or above the axle.

What to Look for When Buying Axles

Along with the trailer axle dimensions, you’ll also have to consider the following specs. The first is load capacity. The load rating needs to support the maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVW).

If you have multiple axle trailers, divide the gross vehicle weight by the axles. The result is the load capacity (minimum) for every axle. The other vital specs are track length, the spring centers and overall length (from spindle to spindle).

Axle Types

These include straight axles, which can be square or round, torsion axles and drop axles with offset spindles.

Axle Specifications (Marshall Engineering)

The axle 39 mm round straight comes in six types: the 65" (4′ wide trailer) std offset, 67" (4′ wide trailer) deep offset, 71" (4’6" wide trailer), std offset, 73" (4’6" wide trailer) deep offset) and 7" (5′ wide trailer) std offset.

The 40 mm trailer axle dimensions and types include the following; 65" LM (4′ wide trailer) std offset), 67" LM (4′ wide trailer) deep offset, 71" LM (4’6" wide trailer) std offset, 73" LM (4’6" wide trailer) deep offset, 77" LM (5′ wide trailer) std offset and 82" LM (5’5"’ wide trailer) std offset.

45 mm Axles

The axle 45 mm specs are as follows: 65" (4′ wide trailer) std offset, 71" (4’6" wide trailer) std offset, 77" (5′ wide trailer) std offset, 82" (5’5" wide trailer) std offset, 89" (6′ wide trailer) std offset, 91" (6′ wide trailer) deep offset, 95" (6"6′ wide trailer) standard offset and 97" (6"6′ wide trailer) deep offset.

Lazy axles include 1.0T 40 mm square (Ford/Holden), 1.4T 45 mm square (Landcruiser), 2.0T 50 mm square (Landcruiser / 6 stud) and 3.0T 63 mms square (Landcruiser / 6 stud). The lazy axles are all ready to be fitted.

Again, these trailer axle dimensions are for Marshall Engineering only. Other axle manufacturers may have other sizes.

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