Motorized Bicycle Sizes

Riding a motorized bicycle can be a unique and thrilling experience. If you’re not familiar with their features, the descriptions of these models should help you develop a sense of what these bikes are like.

Dimensions of Motorized Bicycles: Venus

The Venus bike has a 50" wheelbase with cantilever frame. There are 26 x 2.125 black alloy wheels complete with 36 stainless spokes. The white wall tires measure 26”. The inner tubes measure 26” and are invulnerable to thorns.

The engine is 48cc or 66cc Skyhawk. The handlebars are chrome as is the 60mm reach neckstem. The front sidepull brakes have 70mm brake pads. There is a 1" threaded headset. There are rear and front reflectors, tooth engine drive chain sprocket and it has clean emission. The bicycle can go 75 mph with a half gallon tank.

Dimensions of Motorized Bicycles: Bare Bones

This is a cantilever framed cruiser that is equipped with stout tubing. The cruiser tread white wall tires are 26”, while the alloy wheels measure 26" x 2.125". The handlebar is chrome and it also has 36 – 14 gauge spokes and red rims.

The bicycle is equipped with 70mm brake pads. The inner tubes measure 26”. The bicycle also has rear and front reflectors. The seat is black. The PVC pedals are black and come with reflectors. The bike is sold in the following colors: matte grey, midnight blue, gloss black, red and matte black.

Dimensions of Motorized Bicycles: the Violation

The Violation has 4" x 4" cruiser pedals and 26” inner tubes. Like the other models, the brake pads are 70mm. There is 1 1/8" (28.6mm) grating chrome plated seat post, and colored rims. The tread tires are 26” Black Kenda Flame.

The headset is 1 1/8" (28.6mm) NESCO (water resistant). The side stand is black, and the seat has white and black piping spring. The bike is good for 150 miles on a full tank. The bike has 2 cycle engines, so the lubrication is in the premixed gas.

Dimensions of Motorized Bicycles: Hot-Shoe Racer

The Hot-Shoe Racer has 26 x 2.125 wheels with 36 spokes. The inner tubes measure 26”. Other features include 3-piece hot forged aluminum crank arm set and 1" threaded headset. There is a race handlebar with vintage styling and 26” black race tire.

The rear stand is black steel. The brakes are front linear pull V-brake and rear coaster. The engine can be 66cc or 48cc Skyhawk. The engine is good for up to 10,000 miles. The setup is similar to a motorcycle.

The clutch is situated to the left and the front brake and throttle are to the right. The bicycle has a choke for cold starts. It is possible to pedal without utilizing the engine at all.

The dimensions of motorized bicycles are somewhat similar, but some elements are unique for each model. Whichever bike you get, make sure to follow all the instructions for driving it. You should also obey the guidelines on how to properly take care of it.

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