How Big is an Inflatable Boat?

The inflatable boat sizes have to be considered before a purchase is made. The information below will provide insights on how big they are.

Mercury Air Deck Series

The 240 AD is 7’11” long with a 5’0” beam. The max hp/ weight are 6/73 and the capacity (pers/lbs) is 3/1050. The stowed dimensions are 3’4″ x 1’10” x 18″. The 340 AD-Hypalon is 11’2″ long with a 5’0″ beam. The max hp/ weight are 15/111 and the capacity (pers/lbs) is 5/1550. The stowed dimensions are 3’4″ x 1’10” x 18″.

Novurania 335DL

The Novurania 335DL is 11′ 2″ (3.41 m) long. The top height is 2′ 10″ (8.96 m) and the beam is 5′ 6″ (1.62 m). There are 3 air chambers and room for five people. The shaft is 20″ long and the fuel capacity is 10 gallons (38 L).

Given its inflatable boat size, it has a maximum power of 30hp. It weights 460 lbs (209 Kg). Other features include stern mooring rings, non-skid deck, a maintenance kit and cushioned helm seat w/ cushioned backrest.

Achilles LT Series

The LT-2 model is 7’3″ long and has a 4′ beam. The tube diameter is 13″. It weighs 38 lbs and has room for two people. The LT-4 is 8’6″ long with a 4’8″ beam. It has a 15″ tube diameter and capacity for two people. The maximum power is 3 hp.


These boats can be used in many ways. Most people use them for fishing. But some can be employed for leisurely trips on the sea. This is now possible because the boats are equipped with powerful motors.

What makes these boats attractive is they can be packed into a small section. For a fisherman who doesn’t want to be bothered with hauling a boat, this is a blessing. These boats can also function as runners from big ocean vessels.


The majority of these boats are built from PVC plastic or other durable materials. The use of such materials makes the boat resistant to punctures and tears. This is a big improvement over the old boats.

These boats are also noted for their stability. Those with nacelles on the sides are very stable. Of course the conditions of the waters also play a part. They are also cheaper compared to other sea vessels.

The inflatable boat sizes determine how many can use it. But the above information shows that there are other factors you have to look at as well.

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