Standard Truck Trailer Dimensions

Many countries have their own standard truck trailer dimensions, so there is no international standard. The names also vary: in Ireland it is called the articulated truck. In the US it is called big rig, 18 wheeler and semi. In Canada it is called a transport. In the UK it is known as the lorry.

Trailer Sizes in Australia

Australian law allows trucks to connect only two trailers. The maximum length depends on the location. In urban areas, the length limit is 19 m or 62 ft. In rural locations, the limit is 26 m or 85 ft.

There are also B-double trucks in the country. The typical length is 25 meters or about 82 ft. The standard truck trailer dimensions give it a typical capacity of 62.5 tons or 137,788 lbs.

Truck Trailers in Europe

The maximum length varies because countries have different rules. In Sweden the maximum allowable is 79 ft, or over 24 m. In countries like Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark, trucks can be as long as 25 meters (83 ft). The weight limit varies, but it usually ranges between 80,000 to 88,000 lbs (40 to 44 tons).

In Britain, the standard length is 13.5 meters or 45 ft. The tractor coupled trailer is usually 15 to 16.7 meters or 50 to 55 ft long. The maximum allowable weight is 97,000 lbs or 48 tons.

LCVs in the United States

The LCV (long combination vehicle) is allowed in the United States and Canada. The LCVs come in many types. One of the most common truck trailer dimensions is the triple. It is composed of three trailers.

The maximum length for each trailer is 8.7 m or 28 ft. The highest possible weight is 129,000 lbs or 58.5 tons. The turnpike double LCV has two trailers. Neither one of the trailers must exceed 14.6 m or 48 ft. The weight limit is pegged at 147,000 lbs (about 67 tons).

The Rocky Mountain double has a trailer measuring 40 to 53 ft (about 12 to 16 m). It also has a pup 8.7 m or 28 and half ft long. The truck cannot go beyond this length. The weight is not allowed to exceed 129,000 lbs or 58 tons.

North American Configurations

The weight and size limits of these vehicles differ among the US states. However, many of them are designed according to the specs laid out by the US transportation department (DOT). The reason is that most of the hauling is done along the interstate system.

Based on the DOT regulations, the tractor cannot exceed 80,000 lbs gross weight nor be wider than 102 inches. The height limit is 13.5 ft. In all the states, a truck cannot have more than three trailers without getting a permit. The limit has been set for safety reasons.

It should be noted that the standard truck trailer dimensions in the UK do not specify a height limit. However, very few go over 16 ft. Other countries in other regions will have their own regulations, and these are always subject to reviews.

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