Softball Field Dimensions

Although the game resembles baseball, softball field dimensions are different. The following are the dimensions for a fast pitch field.

The Outfield

Fence distances are usually 150 feet distant for young players. For adults, the distance is 225 ft. There are also variations depending on whether the game is for men or women. The dimensions also depend on the lot size where the game is being played. The play level is also factor when it comes to setting up a field.

The Pitcher’s Mound and the Bases

The distance between bases is 60 ft. The pitcher’s mound varies depending on the age of the players and the game being played. In adult games, the distance between the plate and pitcher’s mound is 35 to 40 ft. The distance is less for younger players of the game.

Infield Rim and the Catcher’s Area

These are two of the most important softball field dimensions. The grass line is usually sixty feet. This is the semicircle circumference from the mound of the pitcher. The catcher’s area has a radius of 9 feet. This is around the home plate up to the point it passes the three foot mark. This is the baseline indicator.

Infield Fence Dimensions

This is usually 25 to 30 feet at the back of home plate. It is designed to protect fans and players. It goes past the first and third bases. It culminates at the home plate and catcher’s box. The infield includes the diamond and the area around it.

The Coach’s Box

The positions can vary, but most of the time they are by the first and third baselines. The box is usually aligned with the bases. The box has dimensions of 15 x 3 feet.

Slow Pitch Field Measurements

The baselines are 60 to 65 feet. The distance of slow pitching is 46 feet for girls under 15. For players 18 and over, the distance is 50 feet. The home plate backstop is 25 to 30 feet. The dimensions will depend on the league. The coach box here is set behind a line measuring 15 feet. This is outside the catcher’s box and diamond. It is at the batters’ boxes 10 feet back. The box is 8 ft 5 inches wide.

One more thing needs to be said about softball field dimensions. The ball sizes vary. It all depends on the league and classification of play.However, these dimensions are the most common.

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