Sizes of Baby Mattress Covers

Baby mattress covers provide protection for the mattress while also giving the baby a more comfortable surface to sleep on.

There are basically two factors that you need to consider when buying a baby mattress cover: the available sizes of baby mattress covers and the materials used in making these covers.

Sizes of Baby Mattress Covers

Most sizes of baby mattress covers can snugly fit the standard-sized crib mattress. This is generally around twenty-eight inches in width by fifty-two inches in length.

Sometimes, you will find sizes indicated simply as suitable for a 28-inch wide and 52-inch long baby mattress. Other times, you will find the dimensions of these sizes of baby mattress covers broken down as follows: 12.5 inches long, 9.2 inches wide and 1.2 inches deep.

The above-given dimensions will snugly fit your standard crib mattress.

There are also sizes of baby mattress covers that measure just slightly different from the above-given dimensions. These are around 11.3 inches long, 9.3 inches wide and 4.2 inches deep.

There are several other sizes of baby mattress covers available in the market today and these usually have elasticized corners to give the covers a more snug fit on the mattress.

Choosing Baby Mattress Covers

Usually, standard mattress covers are made from vinyl, either single-layer or multi-layer. Multi-layer vinyl offers more protection for the mattress especially when the baby has an “accident” on the mattress such as diaper leaks, vomiting or spills.

These are generally water-proof which means that even if the mattress cover gets wet, the liquid will not seep through the material and likewise get the mattress wet.

There are also mattress covers that are filled with organic cotton which provides the baby with more comfort as he sleeps and also reduces the risk of developing allergies.

The quilted variety is becoming the more popular option for mattress covers as these are more comfortable for the baby which translates to the baby not being irritable. This also means that the baby will be sleeping more soundly especially at night.

Sometimes, the manufacturers of the mattress also offer their own mattress covers which will ultimately make it easier for you to get one that will perfectly fit the mattress that you have on your crib.

Another option is to have one custom-made for your crib mattress. This will not only allow you to get the right size, but you can also choose your own fabric and materials as well as choose the designs printed on the cover.

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