Spirometers Sizes

A spirometer is a device used for building up lung capacity. These products can now be purchased on the Web, and most of them are compact in size.

Spirometer Dimensions: Microlife PF 100 Peak Flow Meter

The Microlife PF 100 Peak Flow Meter measures 4 x 2 x 0.5 inches. The unit can gauge the PEF (Peak Expiratory Flow) and the FEV1 (Forced Expiratory Volume), useful for detecting the onset of asthma and other similar health conditions.

The Microlife PF 100 can record up to 240 readings. The device is suited for both adults and children. By measuring the PEF and the FEV1 the unit will be able to determine how well the lungs are functioning.

There is an optional USB cable and computer application to go along with it. Minus the software the peak values are obtained from the trials and zone system is calculated on this value. Using the software you obtain the peak flow reading.

Spirometer Dimension: Respiratory Care Incentive Spirometer

The Respiratory Care Incentive spirometer has a capacity of 5000 ml. This deep breathing exerciser helps improve your breathing. The unit is easy to use. First you put on the mouthpiece. Exhale completely then inhale.

The Respiratory Care Incentive will be able to show the measurement due to the plastic cylinder that goes with the breath. The unit is ideal for those who want to improve their breathing and also those recovering from pneumonia. The Respiratory Care Incentive Spirometer is also durable and can be used regularly.

Spirometer Dimensions: Ultrabreathe ASI7492 Compact Breathing Exerciser

The Ultrabreathe ASI7492 Compact Breathing Exerciser measures 5 x 2 x 1-1/4 inches. The device is made for people with breathing problems and athletes who want to improve their performance. The resistance can be easily modified for the various lung capacity levels.

The manufacturer recommends making 25 inhalations twice every day. To use, set the mouthpiece in-between the gums and teeth. Clamp down so air does not get in. Breathe for as long and hard as you can. Exhale slowly.

This should be repeated 25 times. As breathing improves, the resistance can be turned up by rotating the valve sleeve, the end cap or both. The unit is small enough to fit in most travel bags. The Ultrabreathe ASI7492 can improve the lung strength and get rid of breathlessness symptoms.

Spirometer Dimensions: Voldyne 5000 Incentive Volumetric Exerciser

The Voldyne 5000 Incentive Volumetric Exerciser has a volume measurement of up to 5,000 ml. The compact and ergonomic design makes it easy to use.

There are gradations on the sides of the spirometer, and there is a flow window to boost visualization. The low-work-of-breathing filter makes it even easier to use.

For those with a respiratory condition, the unit provides an easy way to develop lung capacity. The Voldyne 5000 comes with a detailed manual for attaining the best possible results.

Whatever the spirometer dimensions you choose, make sure to follow the instructions for using it. That way, you can be assured you get the maximum benefits from the machine.

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