Size of USB Hubs

Many different USB hub sizes and shapes are sold in stores. Some hubs used for networks measure 122 x 128 x 35mm. A few other models are even smaller at 100 x 110 x 25 mm. However, all of them are small enough to fit in a laptop.


This device is needed to link several USB capable peripherals on a laptop or desktop computer. By using this apparatus, the computer’s available USB ports increases. Any component that links to a computer by way of a USB connection is a hub.

The role of the hub is to expand the USB capability of a computer. The traditional hub is shaped like a box. Several ports for the USB are built into it. To link the hub to the port, a USB cable is used.

The USB hub size determines how many extra devices can be used. If there are multiple ports, flash drives, external hard disks, mouse, printers and cameras may be installed. Mp3 players and other extras may also be added. Majority of hubs sold today can handle over a hundred USB devices.

USB Hub Types

Two primary types are available: the AC powered and self powered. The self powered hubs obtain their power from the port they are linked to.

Those that rely on AC power are equipped with a power supply that hooks up to a wall outlet or power strip. The AC hubs are most useful for peripherals that are resource hungry. These include printers, scanners and hard disks.


Accessibility is the main benefit of a hub. Majority of computer hubs are situated on the rear. This makes them difficult to reach. By connecting the hub to the hard to reach spot, you can place the hub in an easy to reach area. The apparatus also boosts port availability. This is especially handy for laptops which have few ports available.

Other Information

These hubs do not improve the speed of USB connections. A device that uses the old USB 1.01 technology will not match the speed of a hub that uses USB 2.0. No matter how large the USB hub is, all the data will still go into the single USB port on your computer.

All these facts show how vital USB hub sizes are. To get the most from the unit, determine how many devices you want to hook up to the computer. This way you can get the proper number of ports. well.

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