Size of Charcoal

The charcoal sizes to be used will depend on the grill. On the average though, about 4 to 6 lbs will be sufficient to get a good fire started. Larger amounts will be needed for more grilling.

What is Charcoal?

This is a dark colored substance. In appearance, it resembles a coal. It is utilized as a fuel source. These substances are typically made from charred or burnt wood.

As it is deprived of oxygen, carbon residue is produced. This allows the substance to be used as fuel. It can also be used to make different materials, including filters and crayons.

Use in Cooking

But the substance is especially suited for cooking. It burns cleaner than wood and generates heat very well. Different charcoal sizes have been around for hundreds of years. But it was Henry Ford who popularized the idea of using charcoal for grilling.


Many types of charcoal are used for grilling, but the most popular are briquettes. These are small blocks made from sawdust. These materials are bound by glue and burned in ovens. More expensive briquettes are made from hardwood.

These briquettes do not have the glue embedded in the sawdust-made briquettes. Although expensive, many prefer the hardwood; some people believe that the glue leaves an undesirable taste in the food.

Some briquettes are self-lighting. Simply put, it means lighter fluid is already built-in. This makes grilling easier. But others do not like it because it affects the food’s flavor.

Self Lighting vs. Natural Hardwood

It is a matter of personal preference. Natural hardwood, notably hickory, is popular with many grillers. Others like the self lighting variety because they are cheaper. For first time grillers, it is best to experiment with the different types.

How Briquettes are Made

Briquettes are combined with various ingredients. Usually, materials like wheat are mixed in with charcoal. All the ingredients are placed on a press. The materials are sliced into the typical briquette shapes.

These pieces are processed through a dryer. In some cases, the pieces are extruded to make them larger. Once the briquettes are made, they are stored in shelves. Others are sent off to industrial plants. From there, the items will be sent to stores to be sold.

When choosing charcoal sizes, always take into account the amount of grilling you will do. Always make sure you have extra amounts in hand. This is to ensure that you don’t run out of materials.

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