How big is a 5 Carat Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most expensive gemstones around the world and their use are no longer limited to just jewelry adornments. They are now also used in women’s lingerie, pet collars, and even luxury handbags. Quite a few people have even had diamonds embedded on their teeth!
Diamonds come in several different cuts and sizes. While the most common notion is that the bigger, the better; it is not always the case especially if the diamond is part of an engagement ring because women have different finger sizes and a large diamond adorning a very petite ring finger may actually look out of place. 
How Big is a 5 Carat Diamond?
A 5-carat diamond actually has several dimensions depending on the cut of the stone. The variation of sizes however does not affect the actual weight in carats of the diamond.
No matter what cut and dimensions, if you want a 5-carat diamond; you will get the 5-carat stone whether it’s a Princess Cut, Emerald Cut or something else.
Round Brilliant
A round-shaped brilliant diamond that is five carats in weight will be approximately eleven millimeters in width or about 0.433 in inches. 
Princess Cut
A Princess diamond on the other hand, will measure about nine and one-half by nine and one-half millimeters or approximately 0.374 x 0.374 inches. This cut is one of the more popular styles for a diamond engagement ring.
Emerald Cut
This cut is rectangular in shape with kind of a rounded edge on each corner. A 5-carat Emerald diamond will have dimensions of approximately twelve by ten millimeters or 0.4724 x 0.3937 in inches.
This is another of the more popular cuts for engagement rings.
Pear Cut
A Pear Cut diamond, which is also sometimes referred to as a teardrop cut, measures approximately fifteen by nine and one-half millimeters or about 0.5906 x 0.3740 inches.
Oval Cut
For the Oval diamond, five carats of this cut will have approximate dimensions of twelve by 10 millimeters or 0.4724 x 0.3937 inches.
Heart Cut
A heart-shaped diamond cut is one of the most romantic engagement rings there is. This one measures approximately eleven by eleven millimeters in width. This is equivalent to 0.4331 x 0.4331 inches.
Marquise Cut
The Marquise Cut is kind of like an eye-shaped diamond and five carats of this would measure approximately seventeen by nine millimeters or 0.6693 x 0.6693 in inches.
Cushion Cut
This is called the Cushion Cut because it looks precisely just that – like your usual seat cushion. This one measures about nine and one-half by nine and one-half millimeters or 0.3740 x 0.3740 inches; much like the size of the Princess Cut diamond.

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