Size of a Bass Guitar

There are many different bass guitar sizes so people in the various age / height groups can play them properly. Here are a few examples.

Guitar Student Size Guide

For 11 years and over with a height of 5’, the 4/4 size is ideal. For 8-11 years old 4’6″ to 4’11”, the 3/4 size is most ideal. The 1/2 size is best for those 5-8 years old 3’10” to 4’5″. Those who are 4-6 years old 3’3″ to 3’9″can try the 1/4 size.

Sometimes manufacturers use names to specify the guitar dimensions. For example, the short scale electric bass guitar is best for those who are 9 to 12 years old. The full size or full bass can be used by those 11 years and above.

The largest is called Jumbo. Other bass guitar sizes are the Grand Auditorium and the OM. Their bodies are large, and the necks are connected to the 14th fret. These are full scale guitars.

Four String and Five String Basses

Majority of bass players find the 4-string bass more than enough. However, some musicians prefer the five-string due to the extra range. The five-string range does require big hands due to the width. The five-string bass is also ideal for those who like to play bass solos. The extra string also provides the “oomph” when playing with synth bass.

Body Style

The electric bass guitar is typically solid body electrics. A few bodies are semi-hollow. The neck type depends on your hand. The shapes you can choose from are flat back, V, asymmetrical, oval and round. A 5 to 6-tring bass guitar will definitely have a wider neck.

Scale Length

This refers to the string’s vibrating length. This is gauged by the distance from the middle of the bridge to the nut. The fret placement denotes the ratio based on length of scale. Based on the ratio, the longer scales have greater distance among the frets. This is crucial because the tonal quality is affected.

If you want more refined sounds on the 5 bass low B string, get a guitar with a longer neck. If you are using a 4-string bass, the short scale will suffice. Standard short scale lengths are 30 and 32 inches. The longer scales are 34 to 35 inches. There is also the 36 inch long scale.

The many different bass guitar sizes show important it is to the final output. That is why it is essential for would be musicians to study them.

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