Ruler Dimensions


A ruler is a type of measuring tool typically used in the mathematical field, in carpentry, drawings, printing and whole slew of other fields where precise measurements need to be taken.

There are different ruler dimensions, depending on where they will be used for. A typical ruler used in schools and small-scale projects is the 12-inch ruler. Usually, this ruler includes the centimeter equivalent of the readings in inches.

This means that in a regular personal ruler of a 12-inch size, you can find centimeter equivalents up to 30 centimeters. A smaller version of this ruler is the 6-inch ruler and this can be easily kept in the pocket.

Kinds of Rulers

A ruler can be made from plastic materials, wood or metal. The above-given 12-inch and 6-inch ruler is considered as a desk ruler used in measuring lines for drawings or geometrical school assignments.

If you need a longer desk ruler, you can get an 18-inch ruler with its equivalent measurement in centimeters which is 45. 

On the other hand, if you need measurements in yards, what you are looking for is called a yardstick. This ruler can measure up to one yard or approximately 3 feet. On one side of the yardstick, you can read measurements in inches or feet while on the other side, you can find their equivalent in meter, centimeter and millimeter.

For carpenters, their type of ruler is called a carpenter’s ruler. This is usually made of wood and can be folded for portability. Typically, carpenters use the 2-meter or about 6 feet, ruler. These use foot and inch measurements. 

Engineers and architects on the other hand, use what is called a scale ruler. This ruler is used for precise measurements used for drawing blueprints. 

Other Uses for Rulers

Other being used to measure lines and scales, a ruler is also used in several other ways. This can be used to draw straight lines both for school and work projects; and these can likewise be used as a guide when you need to cut a straight line with a use of a cutter.

The yardstick is often used as a pointer by teachers as well as other professionals doing pitches and presentations.

The versatility of a ruler therefore, makes this tool a necessary item in the office, in school and at home. Whether you are looking for a desk ruler or a yardstick, you can find all types of rulers in school supplies stores as well as general merchandise suppliers. 

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