Baseball Cap Sizes

Many baseball cap sizes are being sold. But as the following will show, finding the proper size is not that difficult. Start by measuring your head.

How to Measure Your Head

Get a measuring tape and place it half an inch over your eyebrows. This is the point where a hat is set. Note down the figures you get. The following is an example of some of the most common sizes used.

Head Size Guide

Heads that measure 22 inches / 56 cm should use a cap measuring 7. A 7 1/4 cap is for heads 22 3/4 inches / 58 cm. 7 3/8 caps are for 23 1/8 in / 59 cm heads. 7 1/2 caps are for 23 1/2 in / 60 cm heads. 7 5/8 caps are for 23 7/8 in / 61 cm heads. 7 3/4 baseball cap sizes are for 24 1/4 in / 62 cm heads. Buy a larger cap if you are between sizes. If the cap is too big, you can shrink it.

How to Shrink a Baseball Cap

Only caps made of wool can be shrunk, so make sure the cap is made from 100% wool. The process is very easy; fill a spray bottle with water. Spray some water on the headband. Let the cap dry. Check the cap every now and then. Be certain that it is not shrinking too much. One way to make sure the size is right is by wearing it while it is damp. When it dries, the cap will be an exact fit.

Tip: if you want to give your cap a worn or used look, sand the brim edges. This will fray the edges in due time. Emery boards or sandpaper will be sufficient.

Curving Caps

There are many ways to do this. Hold your cap so the brim is facing you. Grab it with your hands. Curl the brim up the ends join up. Turn over the cap. Roll the brim repeatedly until you get the right curve.

Another way is to can the cap. Get a can and set it on the bill of the cap. Be certain the bill is a snug fit around the bottle or can. Secure it with a band. Keep it that way till you get the desired curve.

Some baseball cap sizes are adjustable. They are the most practical caps to use. There is no need to measure your head or shrink the cap. Just keep making adjustments until it fits right.

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