Refrigerator Dimensions Standard

The standard refrigerator dimensions used in homes is between 18 to 26 cubic feet. Usually, 19 to 22 cubic feet will be enough for most families. These products are also available in different styles.

Top Freezer

These are 61 inches high, although some models can reach 70 inches. The depth can be from 25 to 28 inches. The width is usually from 28 to 36 inches.

Bottom Freezer Dimensions

There are three variants, the free standing, counter depth and built-in bottom freezer. The built-in is 35 inches wide, 23 to 24 inches deep and 82 inches high. Some versions are an inch wider, and some 84 inches tall.

The free standing bottom freezer is 66 inches high, 29 inches wide and 28 inches deep. With some models, the depth is set at 30 inches. Some extra tall free standing bottom freezers have a height of 70 inches. These are also wider at 36 inches.

A study of standard refrigerator dimensions will show the counter depth is 35 inches wide. It is 68 inches high and 23 inches deep. Just like the other bottom freezers, some models are a couple of inches wider, taller and/or deeper.

Side by Side

Three types are sold: the free standing, counter depth and built-in side by side. The free standing models are 66 inches tall, 28 inches deep and 32 inches wide. Larger versions are 29 inches deep, 70 inches high and 36 inches wide.

The counter depth models are 24 inches deep, 68 inches tall and 36 inches wide. The height and width can be bigger by a couple of inches. The depth rarely changes however.

The built-in are 42 inches wide, 23 inches deep and 83 inches high. If you need a bigger model, there are built-in side by side are 48 inches wide. These are also an inch taller at 84 inches.

French Door Bottoms

These are also available as free standing, built-in and counter depth. The free standing dimensions are 33 x 68 x 28 (W x H x D). The counter-depth dimensions are 35 x 69 x 23 (W x H x D). The built-in models have dimensions of 42 x 83 x 23.

The standard refrigerator dimensions indicated earlier are suitable for most families. But if you are the type who likes to stock up on food, get a bigger unit. There are also compact versions for those who have limited space.

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