Cable Diameters

Although standard cable measurements exist, Cable Diametersthe size may vary compared to what is shown here. It depends on the manufacturer. The unit used is the millimeter.

Cable Diameter Size: RF Coaxial Cables

For SYV-50-1 the outer diameter of the shield is 1.455. The outer diameter of the jacket is 1.9. For the RG-178/U, the outer shield diameter is 1.375 mm; the outer jacket diameter is 2.01 mm. The SFF-75-1 outer shield diameter is 1.375; the outer jacket is 1.80. For the SYV-50-2-1, the outer shield diameter is 2.15; the outer jacket diameter is 2.9.

The RG-174/U shield diameter is 2.245; the jacket outer diameter is 2.54 mm. The RG-316/U shield diameter measures 2.065 and the jacket diameter is 2.59 mm. The SYV-75-2 outer shield is 2.15 mm and the jacket 2.9 mm.

Cable Diameter Size: Flexible Cable

The SFT-50-2-1’s outer shield is 2.2 mm in diameter. Its outer diameter is 0.51. For the SFT-75-2, it is also 2.2 mm. The outer diameter is 0.27 mm. The RG-405/U cable’s shield diameter is 2.2.
The outer diameter is 0.51 mm.

The SFT-50-3-1’s diameter is 3.6, with an outer diameter of 0.93. For the SFT-75-3, the outer shield diameter is 3.6. Its outer diameter has been measured at 0.55 mm. It is also the outer shield diameter of the RG-402/U. However, its outer diameter is only 0.92 mm.

For the SFT-50-5.2, the outer shield diameter is 6.0. 1.60 mm is the measurement of its outer diameter. For the SFT-75–5.3, it is 6.0. The outer diameter has been measured at 0.95.

Cable Diameter Size: Common Corrugated Copper Pipe Cable

Note: the diameters here are the crater conductors.

The outer diameter of the RFF 1/4"-50(NK) is 1.9 mm. For the FSJ1-50A it is also 1.9. For the LDF1-50 it is 2.6; for the SYFY-50-7-51, it is 3.1 and for the RFF 3/8"-50(NK), the outer diameter is 2.6 mm.

The outer diameter of the FSJ2-50 is 2.8 mm. For the HLT4-50T cable it is 4.8 and for the RFF 1/2" it is 3.55 mm. The FSJ4-50 measures 3.6; the LDF4-50A is 4.6; the HJ4.5-50, 6.9 and the VXL5-50 cable has an outer diameter of 9.42. The HJ5-50 cable has another diameter of 9.1.

Cable Diameter Size: Special RF Coaxial Cable

The diameters here are for the crater conductors.

The 1/2"SFX500PE has a diameter of 3.5 while the 1/2"FXL540PE has a diameter of 5. The LMR400 has a crater conductor diameter of 2.74.The RG6-5 has a diameter of 0.9; the RG-11 has a diameter of 2.17 and the LL-335, 2.5 mm. The diameter for the TEFLX-RG401 is 1.6.

For the SUJ-50-7-5 it is 2.6; the Astrolab 32055 has a diameter of 1.5. The LI235 has a diameter of 1.45; the MICOV COAX has a diameter of 1.45. For the RG 223/V, it is 0.89. For the LMR-600, it is 4.47 and the 5D-FB, 1.8.

The cable diameter size will vary for other types. Depending on the setup, the insulator thickness and other factors, the specifications and dimensions of cables may change.

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