Recreation Room Sizes


A recreation room is used for playing games, parties and other recreational activities. The term recreation room is synonymous with games room. Games room however, is used mostly in the UK.

Recreation Room Size 

This will depend on which room in the house it is set up. Most of the time, the recreation room is in the basement or the playroom. Whatever the dimensions of the room are, some basic design considerations have to be considered. 

How to Maximize Space 

Put racks or shelves in the room so those video game CDs don’t end up cluttering the place. A metal or wood cabinet will also be necessary for containing the board games. You can also use the cabinet to organize art supplies and drawing papers. 

Given a choice, always go for foldable tables so it can be stored away and not take up too much room. A folding game table is always a good choice. 

If recreation room size is limited, don’t install any bookshelves; they probably won’t be used much anyway. But if the kids / teens like to read, there are several compact bookshelves available. 

TV and Game Systems 

Few recreational rooms are complete without video games. The best option is to put a big flatscreen TV in the room. A TV that can be set on the wall is nice because it will save space. 

Most TVs nowadays make it easy to hook up gaming systems so that won’t be a problem. A DVD player should be hooked up so they can watch movies on it. Compact DVD stands won’t take up much space, so you can put them near the TV. 

Snacks and Food 

You don’t have to install a kitchen, but it’s a good idea to put a mini fridge and microwave there. Set aside a portion of the room for this kitchenette. If the recreation room size permits, put in some cabinets where drinks and snacks can be made. 

Decorations and Trimmings 

For teen recreation rooms, you can put a dartboard on the wall. You can also add posters of their favorite athletes and celebrities. Other cool stuff you can put in the room are lava lamps, glow in the dark light and strobes. Bean bags are always fun and they don’t use up a lot of room. If your budget allows, a billiards table will be a nice addition. 

Tips for Designing the Room 

Get everyone together and make a list of the features you want to put in the room. It’s a good idea to do this in the room itself. This will help you determine if there is space for all the stuff you want to put in. 

Prioritize the items so you’ll be able to make the most of the room. When everything is prepared, you can start buying the items. 

A lot of factors have to be considered when it comes to the recreation room size. Just remember that this room is for fun, so get everyone in the family involved in the design. 

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