Nitrous Oxide Kits Dimensions

The range of nitrous oxide kits sizes available is quite diverse. However, many of those sold on the Internet are in 2 or 2.5 lb bottles. Nitrous oxide is used to boost a vehicle’s performance. This is done by adding oxygen to the engine. There are two nitrous oxide systems: dry and wet.

How to Install Dry Nitrous Oxide Systems

These utilize fuel injectors to augment the engine power. To install these, disconnect the car battery. When it is disconnected, you can mount the gas bottle. Make sure the bottle isn’t near the transmission or engine.

If the bottle gets hot it will explode and may damage the car. Mount the bottle in a semi-upright manner by the vehicle exterior. The blow-down tube must face away from the interior of the vehicle.

Now run the nitrous line into the fuel injector. Hook up the nitrous oxide system with the vehicle’s electrical system. Only activate the system using the switch below the hood. This should also be done only when the engine is at 300 rpm. This is true regardless of the nitrous oxide kits size used.

Before using it, fine tune the system. Cleaning regularly will help ensure the nitrous oxide level getting to the fuel is correct. Look at the sparkplug; if it’s white, everything is all right; if it’s brown, there is too much nitrogen in the fuel.

How to Install Wet Nitrous Oxide Systems

These generate more power than dry systems, but more pressure to move liquids is needed. To install, position the nitrous oxide bottle semi-upright. Put the nozzle in the spot where the nitrous oxide and fuel combine. It has to be by the air inlet duct. This is between the mass airflow sensor and the throttle.

Next, mount the solenoid and hook it to the nozzle hose. Set the nitrous feed line between the nitrous oxide tank and the nozzle. Hook up the fuel supply according to the nitrous kit guide. Point the opening far from any electronics.

After connecting the fuel line, check for any leaks. If there are no leaks, you can connect it to the vehicle electronic system. Make sure to fine tune everything before trying it.

The various nitrous oxide kits sizes available give you plenty of opportunity to try out different settings. Using the dry or wet systems will not cause problems. But it is important you follow the instructions in the kits.

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