Tug Boat Sizes

The specifications given below should provide youTug Boat with some insights on the size and specs of tug boats. Before procuring one, it’s best if you talk to the manufacturer.

Tug Boat Dimensions: M/V Pacific Victory

The Pacific Victory is 150.0 ft long, 18.8 ft deep and has a breadth of 33.0 ft. The operating draft is 15.7 ft and 275 gross tons. It can accommodate a crew of ten. The fuel tank capacity is 182,000 gallons and the freshwater capacity is 6,000 gallons. For the lube oil it is 2,740 gallons.

The engine has 3900 horsepower at 900 rpm. The propellers measure 115 in x 90 in and come with four blades. The tow wire is 2000’ – 2 1/4”. The tow boat comes with SSB radio, GPS, fathometer, life raft, telephone and generator.

Tug Boat Dimensions: the 40’ Tug Boat Take Five

The Take Five’s length is 11,950 m / 39′ 2” and the beam is 4,095 m / 13′ 5". The depth is 3,366 m / 11′ 1" while the draft measures 1,043 m / 3′ 5". The displacement is 14.100 kg / 31.085 lbs. There is enough room for a dozen people.

The Take Five also has a saloon, wheelhouse and a cabin. The boat is equipped with a 200 horsepower engine. The cruise speed is 8 knots and has a maximum speed of 10 knots. The boat is also equipped with a bow thruster to make port entry easer. There are beds, closets and a shower. The boat can also be fitted with a washing machine.

Tug Boat Dimensions: the Selay 40

The length is 23.300 m and the breadth is 8.260 m. The depth is 3.680 m and has a complement of 7. The tank capacity is 80 m3 for MDO and 15.2 m3 for freshwater. The boat comes with a lifecraft, lifejackets and buoys.

The main engine is Cummings Inc. KTA38-M2. The power is 955 kw at 1800 rpm (1280 bhp). The reduction gear consists of two pieces of Reintjet WAF 562 (1/5.95). The propeller consists of two Wartsilla (2050 mm in diameter; 302 rpm and two Lips Hr-Nozzles). The equipment includes a radio telephone, a receiver, sounder and more.

Tug Boat Dimensions: the Luna

The length is 100 feet and the beam is 27 feet. The depth from the heel to deck is 18 feet and a fully loaded draft is 12 feet. When in light condition, the draft is 11 feet 4 inches. The full displacement is 325 tons and the light tonnage is 315 tons.

The crew can accommodate from 5 to 9 depending on the operation. The fuel capacity is 12,000 gallons of distillate diesel fuel. It is equipped with a couple of Winton Model 130 diesel engines with 6 cylinders at 300 rpm with 325 horsepower. Each one weighs 21 tons. There are also two generators.

Tug boat dimensions can get larger than those specified here. If you’ll need it for towing, talk with the manufacturer to get one that is the right size.

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