Air Tran Carry on Luggage Dimensions

Air Tran carry on luggage dimensions allow for articles no larger than 24” long + 18” wide + 13” tall. The total measurement cannot exceed 55 inches. Beginning March 1, 2012, the carry on allowable size is going to be 24” long + 16” wide + 10” tall.

Personal Items

Articles that may be classified under this list are a camera, purse, laptop, briefcase etc. Its dimensions cannot be more than 17” long + 12” wide + 8.5” tall. The items must be small enough to be placed under the seat in front of the passenger. If any of the sizes are exceeded, the personal item or bag cannot be called a carry on article.

More Facts about Carry on Baggage

Every passenger will only be allowed to bring one personal item and one carry on item. The bag has to be placed below the seat fronting the passenger. Sometimes they can also be placed at an overhead bin. Allotted pieces include small musical instruments, garment bags and other similar items.

Among the items classified under personal items are laptop computers, infant food, briefcases, reading matter and cameras. Coats, walking sticks, umbrellas and handbags also fall under this classification. Any heavy carry on has to be put under the passenger’s seat.

About Assistive Devices

These can be placed in the cabin and will not count among Air Tran carry on luggage dimensions. This will be allowed only if the device is collapsible and small enough to be placed under a seat or at an overhead bin. Items that fall under this classification include crutches, walkers, canes and similar items. If the passenger is carrying an item with in inflexible surface, it must be set under the passenger seat. Alternatively it can be placed on the overhead bin floor.

Prohibited Items

International and on board domestic flights do not allow toner or printer cartridges weighing more than 16 ounces. This is applicable in to/from US flights. Passengers are forbidden from carrying these in checked baggage or carry on.

Security checkpoints will check passengers if they are carrying knives or other sharp objects. If you need to bring sharp objects, they have to be placed in checked baggage. However, passengers who use syringe for medications are exempted.

Aside from Air Tran carry on luggage dimensions, there are also specific regulations for aerosols, gels and liquids. These rules often change, so it is best to get in touch with the airline for the latest information.

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