Knowing Bed Dimensions

The bed size is one of the most important things you need to consider before you buy. bed sizesNo matter how soft or luxurious it may be, the bed won’t feel right if the measurements don’t fit you. The following are the bed types you’re likely to come across in stores.

Mattress Types and Fitted Sheets

The twin mattress measures 39 x 75 in. The X long twin is slight longer at 39 x 80 in. The full bed comes up to 54 x 75 in. The queen size bed measures 60 x 80 in.

There are two types of king size mattresses. The Eastern King (also called standard) measures 76 x 80 in. The Western King (or California King) is longer at 72 x 84 in.

The bed sizes for fitted sheets can be summed up as follows: 39 x 75 in for the twin, 39 x 80 in for the X long twin and 54 x 75 in for full beds. Queen sizes remain at 60 x 80 in. The Eastern King measures 76 x 80 in and the Western King 72 x 84.

Flat Sheets and Comforters

The flat sheet twin measures 66 x 96 in. The X long reaches 66 x 102 in and the full 81 x 96 in. Flat sheet queen reaches 90 x 102
in and Eastern/Western Kings 108 x 102 in.

Comforter bed sizes and measurements are as follows: for the twin it is 68 x 86 in, while the full and queen 86 x 86 in. The Eastern/Western King both measure 100 x 90 in.

Which Bed Best Fits You?

Of course the first thing to consider is the room size. Get the bed that can fit easily in the door and hallway. If you’re thinking of the bed types, each has its own pros and cons.

Twin or single beds are the cheapest, both in terms of bed and sheets. It’s also got a trundle which can function as another bed. But its bed size can be too small for some people.

An X long or extra long is a longer version of the twin. Get two of these side by side and you have a king size bed. The only drawback is that bedding can be hard to locate. Patterns can also be limited and hard to get.

Other Considerations

A full bed is wider than the twin. But it offers less space for couples than twin beds side by side. The sheets aren’t that costly. It is ideal for people under 5’7. The queen bed is wider than the full and most suited for couples. Eastern King beds are the widest beds around.

The California King is the longest of all beds. The king size beds are ideal for couples who need plenty of sleeping space. For singles, it may be too big and too difficult to install in the room.

Now that you know the various bed sizes, you can make the right decisions. With a restful sleep, you’ll be fit and ready for the day’s coming activities.

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