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Bed frame dimensions differ because manufacturers use various methods for making them. Even though a bed may be listed as king or queen, it can be a few millimeters bigger or smaller. However, these discrepancies are disappearing because of advances in technology. The following are standard bed sizes. Their respective frames are just slightly bigger to support the mattress.

Frames and Mattress Sizes Guide (US)

The biggest is the Grand King which is 80″ wide and 98” long. A California king is 72″ wide and 84″ long. A king is 76″ wide and 80″ long. Regular and California kings are more common than the Grand King bed. A super queen is 66″ wide and 80″ long. This is the same figure as an expanded queen bed. However, the super queen is thicker. A California queen bed is 84″ long and 60″ wide.

A regular queen bed is 80″ long and 60″ wide. This is one of the most common beds in America so these bed frame dimensions are easy to find. A full / double is 54″ wide and 75″ long. A twin extra long bed is 80″ inches long and 39″ wide. A twin / single is 75″ long and 39″ wide. A narrow bunk bed is 75″ long and 36″wide. A standard bunk is 75″ long and 39″ wide.

Frames Features

Frames do not just differ in size. The quality also varies. There are standard frames, heavy duty and deluxe models too. Some are extra tall, while others have a low profile. Stores also sell supports for metal and wood rails. Rails are available for a variety of beds. The most common are for California king, king, queen, twin extra long and twin.


If you want custom bed frame dimensions, components and parts are available. You can order frame feet, bed risers, adapters, wheels, high rise castors and many others. Bed risers will raise your bed. A footboard bracket allows you to connect a footboard to a frame. There are also some websites that allow you to convert a full bed to a queen. But queen beds cannot be converted to a king. Neither can a twin be changed to a full.

When shopping for bed frame dimensions, you can buy a bed hook adapter kit. You can connect it to bolt-on headboard brackets. You can buy online or in a store. The problem with buying online is you cannot examine the frame in person.

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