How Big is a Peewee Sized Egg?

Commercially-sold eggs are typically graded according to their quality and their sizes are actually determined not by their exact dimensions but by their weights, usually indicated in grams per piece and in ounces per dozen.

How Big is a Peewee Sized Egg?

Just to give you a visual answer to “How big is a peewee sized egg?” this is generally the smallest in the lot. Basically, you have the Jumbo egg, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small and the Peewee egg.

As mentioned above, egg sizes are pretty much indicated according to their specific weight. So when determining how to answer “How big is a peewee sized egg?” what you want to know is how much this actually weighs.

Typically, a peewee sized egg weighs around 42 grams. Anything higher than this is generally classified already as a small egg.

As for how big is a peewee sized egg on a per dozen basis, 12 eggs of this size generally have a total weight of fifteen ounces.

Generally however, peewee sized eggs are not sold in groceries and supermarkets but are instead offered to bakeries and other establishments involved in food processing.

Grades of Eggs

Other than determining the answer to how big is a peewee sized egg, consumers also check the grades of the eggs. Eggs are generally graded as AA, A and B; with AA having the highest quality.

AA and A graded eggs have whole shells that are clean and sound while B graded eggs may have stains on their shells. The stains should cover no more than twenty-five percent of the egg.

Graded eggs that you normally find in groceries or supermarkets are good for at least three to five weeks when kept in the refrigerator. To determine if the eggs are still fresh, you can place the egg in a basin or bowl filled with cold water.

If it sinks, the egg is still fresh. You can also hold the egg in front of a lit candle, it is still fresh, you should see the center very clearly. Make sure you do this test in a dark room with the light of the candle the only illumination in the room.

Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein and are in fact seen as one of the best sources of protein, containing 9 essential and important amino acids. Protein helps build muscles, repair tissues and provide the body with the energy to function properly.

Aside from protein, eggs are also rich in folate which is essential in the proper development of babies still inside their mothers’ wombs. Eggs also are an excellent source of certain vitamins, specifically E, B12 and K.

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