How Big is a CT Scanner?

The CT (computed tomography) scanner is a device used to produce 3D visuals of an object. It is also known as a CAT scan.

CT Scanner Dimensions

The technology used for these devices are always changing, so the sizes and features are subject to change. Usually though, the maximum part size is 1000 mm diameter x 5000 mm long x 2000 kg.

The CT slice thickness is 0.5 – 5 mm and the spatial resolution is 1.0 – 0.4 mm. This will also hinge on the density contrast and the scanning mode used. The resolution and image display varies, but 16-bit grey scale images and 4096 x 4096 sizes are not uncommon. The scanning mode may include 3D computer tomography and 2-D digital radiography.


Whatever the CT scanner dimensions are, its purpose is the same. It is used by physicians to examine the inner parts of the blood vessels, tissues and bones. The information provided by the machine is vital.

It helps in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal conditions, stroke, vascular disease, heart ailments, cancer and other diseases. Compared with X-rays, the CT-scan generates more detailed images. This permits physicians to produce a more precise diagnosis.

How the CT Scanner Works

The typical CAT scanner is shaped like a big tube. The surface is flat and has a cushion. It is here that the person lies on. The scanner is composed of a frame and an X-ray tube that turns around the individual.

The turning of the X-ray tube produces various ray waves. These waves are responsible for producing the images of the body. 1,000 images of the body are taken per X-ray rotation.

These images are combined to produce the two dimensional image of the parts scanned. This image will be used for the doctor’s analysis.

Preparing for a CT Scan

Your physician will inform you of the steps you need to take prior to getting a CT scan. Generally, patients are advised to wear loose clothing and take off any metal ornaments on the body.

These include jewelry and eyeglasses. You may also be advised to drink only clear liquids before getting a CT scan. A contrasting agent may be given to the patient.

As a rule, the CT scanner dimensions are not that important compared with the other specs of the device. Before you undergo this procedure, feel free to ask the doctor about the process. These devices are safe to use however.

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