Earphone Size

When searching for earphones, Earphoneimportant factors should be considered: Its working condition, manner of performance, and its earphone size. The first two factors work for all the different types and models around. These are really essential. For the latter, you may notice that there are many various types of earphones together with their own particular sizes to cater to the different needs of customers like you.

Here are some of the common types:

The Circumaural Model

Wearing the Circumaural type of earphone is just like being transported into a sound-proof room. It is designed to work as such that is why most deejays are seen donning these types of earphones.

What’s more, its essential feature for filtering sound and noise makes it really favorable not only with deejays but also others who wish to keep outside noise to a minimum. Most models are sold with large pads to help cushion the ears and block outside noise. That is why it is also referred to as the full size type of headphones or earphones.

Its standard earphone size in the market for its connector is around 3.5 mm jack plug that has an adapter or around 6.3mm or (1/4 inches) for a bigger stereo jack plug.

The Supra-Aural Type

This type of earphone works best with a personal stereo designed in the 1980s. In other words, it is actually a model designed to work during the Walkman era in those times. Although this is so, there are still many of these types being sold up to now, and are still very useful.

Perfectly lightweight in design, the supra-aural model has ear pads that stay directly on the person’s ears instead of around them.

Some of the sizes available include: About 15 mm for its diameter for the cushion of the pads, and a headband length of around 120 mm.

The Ear Buds

If you’re in the market for an earphone model that is light on the budget, you should consider looking into the models offered for the ear buds type of earphones. This is one of the budget-friendly types that can give you a good working performance for the money that you would be spending.

An appropriate size considered by most is around 3.5 mm for its input plug and a cable length of around 1.4 mm.

The Canalphones

Canalphones are also referred to as the in-ear monitors or the IEMS that you can find in stores. Two types of IEMS are available: The custom and the universal.

While this is like the Ear Buds type of earphone, its plugs are actually inserted to one’s ear canal instead of having ear pads that are placed either around or directly on the ears.

Some of the most appropriate sizes in the market are: Around 1.2 for its cord length, approximately around 3g for its weight, and dimensions of around 13 by 21 by 12 mm.

Choosing an earphone need not be a chore. When you know the most suitable earphone size that you prefer, you can be assured that you would be making a wise choice with your purchase.

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