Dimensions of an Articulated Truck

There are many types of articulated trucks currently available. Anyone who wants to get one of these units should check the specs of the vehicle. You can use the following example as a guide.

Caterpillar 730 Articulated Truck Dimensions and Specifications

Its body capacities are as follows: heaped SAE 2:1: 22.1 yd3; struck: 17.1 yd3; tailgate heaped SAE: 2:124 yd3 and tailgate struck: 18 yd3.

The body hoist raising time is 12 seconds and the lowering time is 8 seconds. The body plate thickness is 0.31 in for the front, 0.55 in scow, 0.47 in for the side and 0.55 in for the base.

Engine Specifications

The truck uses the Cat C11 ACERT engine with a gross power of 325 hp. The bore x stroke is 5.1 in x 5.5 in. The displacement is 680 in3.

Operating Weights

If empty, the front, center and rear axle weigh 28,969 lb, 11,023 lb and 10,384 lb for a total of 50,376 lb. With rated loads, the front, center and rear axles weigh 5,997 lb, 27,999 lb and 27,999 lb. The total is 61,994 lb.

When loaded, the front axle has an operating weight of 34,965 lb. The center axle is 39,022 lb and the rear axle is 38,382 lb. The total is 112,370 lb.

Other Features

These include a 94 gal fuel tank, 18 gal cooling system, a 49 gal hydraulic system and an output transfer gear box. The rated payload weight is 31 tons.

Tips for Buyers

Besides looking at the articulated truck dimensions, you should also assess the customer support. Good technical support will go a long way towards prolonging the life of the truck. One of the advantages of buying from known brands is the quality and durability. A durable and reliable truck will keep the costs down in the long run.

Without question the ease of use must be accounted for too. A fancy machine with all the latest controls is useless if operation is difficult. The easier it is to use, the more the operator can concentrate on work.

Related to this is the comfort level of the operator. A machine that is comfortable to use will give the operator confidence to keep working.

Given its numerous tasks, it is critical the articulated truck dimensions and specs are scrutinized. Since you will be making an investment, it is only right that you assess the whole unit before buying.

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