Age Vs Shoe Sizes for Kids

When it comes to shoes and clothes, kids outgrow them so fast that before you know it; you are once again buying them new items to wear because the ones you just bought two months ago do not fit them anymore.

This is even more so for babies – particularly shoes. If you’re a first-time parent or it’s been years since you had your last baby, it is quite understandable that you may be a bit confused about clothes and shoe sizes for babies and kids.

For the most part, shoe sizes for babies and kids are generally determined by their age. That is to say, there are recommended shoe sizes for babies and kids of a certain age.

However, when considering age vs. shoe sizes for kids, while the general sizing guides are there to help you determine suggested sizes for specific age groups, the guides should only serve as references and not the only basis for finding the right shoe size for your child.

Age vs. Shoe Sizes for Kids

The general recommendations of shoe sizes, when the age vs. shoe sizes for kids factor is considered, are based on the average feet sizes of kids per age group.

It is important to remember that there are some kids who grow at a faster rate than others so do not be surprised if the size recommended for your child’s age will appear to be rather small already for him or her.

What this means is that age should not be your only basis for determining the shoe size of your child.

But just to give you an idea of the recommended sizes per age group, listed below are the shoe sizes, starting from infancy going to toddler years up to 10 years old.

Zero to Twenty-Four Months

0 to 3 mos. – Size 0 to 1

3 to 4 mos. – Size 2

5 mos. – Size 3

6 mos. – Size 4

6 to 7 mos. – Size 5

7 to 9 mos. – Size 5 to 6

9 to 12 mos. – Size 6 to 8

1 to 2 yrs. – Size 9 to 10

Two to Four Years of Age

2 to 3 yrs. – Size 9 to 10

3 to 4 yrs. – Size 10 to 11

Four to Seven Years of Age

4 to 5 yrs. – Size 11 to 12

5 to 6 yrs. – Size 12.5 to 1

6 to 7 yrs. – Size 1 to 3

Note: Between the ages of twelve to eighteen months, babies’ feet tend to grow about one-half size every two months or so; while children’s feet between the ages of eighteen months and two and one-half years generally grow every three months.

Between the ages of 2.5 to 4 years old, it is recommended that your toddlers’ shoe size be checked every four months; while between the ages of 4 to 6 years old, a fitting every 6 months is recommended.

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