Dimension of a Lifeboat



Lifeboat dimensions and specifications differ depending on the design of the manufacturer. The Atlantic 75 class lifeboat is 7.5 m long with a 2.64 m beam. The displacement is 3.200 lbs while the speed is 33-36 knots. The engine used is a twin 75 hp. The specifications of other lifeboats will depend on how it will be used. 


The lifeboat is a watercraft used to help passengers on boats and ships in trouble. The earliest lifeboats were made from wood and driven by oars. The modern lifeboats are now powered by gas and better equipped. These have different lifeboat dimensions and are used not just by the Coast Guard but by rescue groups throughout the world. 


One of the first lifeboats ever made was by Lionel Lukin of the UK in 1785. The boat was constructed from wood and had ten oars, five per side. Another early lifeboat was made in 1790 by Henry Greathead. 
The oldest lifeboat still in existence is the Zetland. It was made in 1802. The final launched was made in 1880. The lifeboat is now being displayed in the Zetland museum in Redcar in the UK. 

Emergence of the Powered Lifeboats 

The lifeboat dimensions and features changed when they became steam powered. The first steam driven lifeboat was used in Great Britain in 1890. The first steam driven lifeboat made was the Duke of Northumberland. In 1905, the gas powered lifeboats started appearing. One of the first ones tried out was in Tynemouth in Britain.


One of the biggest innovations occurred in 1930 when the Sir William Hillary lifeboat was utilized in the English Channel. The lifeboat has a top speed of 18 knots. This was nearly twice the maximum speed of other boats. 
During the 1960s, the inflatable lifeboats became commonplace. These were preferred by the rescuers for rescues that can be done nearer the shore. 
The stiffer and more rigid inflatable boats became widely available in the 1970s. As the years advanced, more sophisticated types have emerged like the hovercraft. The US Coast Guard has some of the most advanced lifeboats in the world. One of the biggest is the 44 ft MLB lifeboat which was retired in 2009 by the US Coast Guard. 
With travel by seas becoming more common the need to have different lifeboat dimensions will be necessary. This is to ensure the safety of the passengers in case of danger.

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