Cable Advertising Size


Advertising your product or services is very important since this will enable you to reach your target audience. However, before embarking on any advertising campaign, you should know that not all ad campaigns work-out the way you may have planned it.

There are several media outlets that you can utilize for your advertisements. The key is knowing which one will best serve your purpose and allow you to hit your market right on target.

One of the most utilized and effective media outlets today is television, particularly cable channels. Cable advertising size is actually not one measured in metric units but more so in air time broken down in seconds or minutes.

Cable Advertising Size

Usually, cable advertising size which, as mentioned, is determined by air time; is between 3o seconds and 60 seconds. The air time is determined by several factors including cost of advertising and length of your ad.

Meanwhile, the cost is likewise determined by several factors such as the spot where you want to place your ad, the frequency of the ad and again, the length of the ad.

Prior to deciding on a particular cable advertising size, you should first look at the demographics of the cable show/s where your ad will be shown during commercial breaks, including the specific time/s your ads will be aired.

This information is vital to the success of your advertisement. Once you have determined the exact time slot that you want your spots to be aired, you can now decide on how long you want your ad to be – this will be your cable advertising size.

Finally, decide on the frequency of your spots. Remember that the higher the frequency, the more expensive your ad cost will be so you should carefully select the airing time.


On the other hand, if a 30-seconder or 60-seconder ad is too expensive for you, you may want to consider placing crawlers instead.

These are the ones that you see scrolling across the bottom part of your television during specific times of the day and within specific shows. Usually, crawlers are often placed during news shows.

This means that you can still reach a wide audience with your ad since most people are glued to their television sets during these times. 

Crawlers are considerably cheaper than ads and you don’t have to worry about coming-up with elaborate ads since what you should be including in your crawler are only vital information about you or your product.

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